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Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Sickbay Medical Lab

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M. tuberculosis is more related to Gram-negative than to Gram-positive bacteria as reflected by the evolutionary distance between nearest ancestral units. This conclusion may be supported by another analysis showing that M. tuberculosis shares relatively more orthologous genes for energy production and conversion with Gram-negative bacteria, in particular, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, than with Gram-positive bacteria.
In some people, the bacteria can become active. If this happens, one may become sick, and can pass the TB germs to someone else. Even though one would not feel sick, the person still need to take medicines to treat latent TB for 6 to 9 months. …

Cross smeared some Petri -dishes with the bacteria then put different antibiotics to find which works best .If an antibiotic is found to be more effective, then those infected could be given the antibiotic ,and with the genome now known the science dept could work on a vaccine.
She left the medical lab and would come later on to check the results giving enough time for the different antibiotics to work.

Cross CMO.

Looking through the different samples once she would return, Cross sadly found none of these quite matched their usual expected properties like those say on Earth or similar planets. As had been mentioned though bacterial like the way it acted was also like that of a symbiotic organism. This made it far more complex to treat and the like then a simple bacteria or virus.

As she would be looking over this information one of the newer nurses happened to come over seeing the results and offered a suggestion. “..Ma’am? Perhaps we could be approaching this the wrong way? We keep trying to treat this like we would a usual bacterial strain, but given such known bacteria don’t provide the infected person with symbiotic benefits when infected, perhaps we should look at this more as a symbiont life form? Perhaps if we looked at how its celluar evolution came about on the planet we could see more clues? Given the Klingons have been here up till recently for the past like 30-40 years. Its possible the original bacterial like agent due to the pollutants caused a mutation and evolution in its normal properties over time to what we see now? Not only in the infection but also those infected, locally like that girl? Her body sees it as a natural useful thing to be infected. Not as an enemy..” She suggested.

GM CockRoach

Cross listened without interrupting and when the nurse finished speaking the female doctor turned her chair around facing the nurse ‘’A symbiont life form, are we then going to assume its nothing to worry about,let the bacteria stay on those infected by it? Sure the Cmdr’s hearing has improved ,so has Cara’s tail in strength but this isn’t just any symbiont ,like example the gut bacteria ,this turn deadly when airborne like the two NC’s in sickbay ‘’ she knew that another landing party would soon be on their way down to the planet and probably bring along more bacteria ‘’The child’s body see it as useful, cause she has been around it her whole life just like all the other inhabitants that have adjusted to it but we the crew are far from benefiting anything from it.... especially when it turns deadly ‘’.
‘’It is the mode of reservoir ,the bacteria does not kill them cause it benefits by the host staying alive,just like the Ebola virus on bats which adapted through million of years’‘.
Cross looked at the petri dishes and thought Might as well throw them away.

Cross CMO.

Cross made contact with the Science dept =/\= Lt ,I have experimented with the bacteria testing with a vast amount of antibiotics known to us but accomplished nothing. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some answers =/\= the doctor could be heard taking a deep breath before continuing =/\= Bridge may attempt to makes contact with the Klingon’s maybe they would be willing to divulge more information since they have been on the planet for a considerable amount of years =/\= .
Cross CMO.

At this point doctor Hunter stood casually against the wall ‘’No luck Cross ?’‘ he asked with that small smile at the corner of his mouth,Cross shook her head ‘’Nothing’‘ she replied back, Hunter continued ‘’Look the bacteria has done no damage yet, on the contrary it has improved the Cmdr’s hearing and made Cara’s tail stronger.Have you forgotten the phage therapy ?’‘ he asked ‘’The use of phage therapy will sometimes be used alongside antibiotics, though it could also be effective in isolation, “especially if you’re going after pan-drug-resistant bacteria that don’t respond to any antibiotics whatsoever ,so I suggest you let it go for now knowing that there is another alternative treatment that would work should the need arise ‘’.

Cross saw him turn around and started walking away ‘’Get some rest,go and eat something or better still go and bug someone ‘’ he finished off with a chuckle.
Had he heard what the female doctor said made no difference to Hunter..... since she spoke the colorful words in her native language.
Hunter Dr.

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