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Posted March 22, 2023, 10:05 a.m. by Lieutenant Maximilien Mullins (Chief Engineer) (Clayton Strong)

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Pashi thought a second and replied “At this time I would say, no. Remember they may have a different blood type than you, and I am pretty sure their blood looks nothing like mine.”

Joe’s tolerance for diplomacy with a people whose little children seemed to have more honor and fighting ability than the grownups was quickly coming to an end. He was starting to grind his teeth and look at the larger of rocks on the ground to hurl at the next native that irritated him when an idea occurred to him. He contacted Pashi then and told her =/\= Lieutenant, tell them we have an engineer who would like to see their mines and perhaps make them safer. =/\= Joe had never yet seen a miner who didn’t like to talk about their mine or complain about its safety.

The small man took a few more careful steps up the hill to get a better look it seems of the away team at the top. Now about 15 or so feet away, with the rest of the natives still holding position about 30-40 feet among the junk laying about he spoke again, =/\= Va’s agents from the Heavens taught us much about strength of arms and working the land and resources on our planet. If you are not servants of the Feddoomers,” He said indicating the human members nearby like Glen and such, “..then what are you in standing to them?” he asked.

Glen found it difficult to hold his tongue. He wanted to reply, but he knew that the answers would sound better coming from Pashi. He just hoped that the others would remember what he had just instructed and would hold their tongues too.

  • Glen, CO

Hunter simply looked on ,as of now only words were being exchanged .

Hunter Dr.

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OOC: this is a reply about an engineer to take a look at the mines.

Max was very interested in taking a look at the mines. He was always willing to help find ideas and design things to help make things safer. He was ready to start talking to the miners about what was going on. He waited for a response from the captain about who he needed to have a nice discussion with.

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