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The small man took a few more careful steps up the hill to get a better look it seems of the away team at the top. Now about 15 or so feet away, with the rest of the natives still holding position about 30-40 feet among the junk laying about he spoke again, =/\= Va’s agents from the Heavens taught us much about strength of arms and working the land and resources on our planet. If you are not servants of the Feddoomers,” He said indicating the human members nearby like Glen and such, “..then what are you in standing to them?” he asked.

Glen found it difficult to hold his tongue. He wanted to reply, but he knew that the answers would sound better coming from Pashi. He just hoped that the others would remember what he had just instructed and would hold their tongues too.

Hunter simply looked on ,as of now only words were being exchanged .

“Pashi,” Glen asked, “The XO is suggesting that we tell them our engineer is most interested in taking a look at their mines. He thinks that no miner has ever given up the chance to talk about mines and mining!”

Max was very interested in taking a look at the mines. He was always willing to help find ideas and design things to help make things safer. He was ready to start talking to the miners about what was going on. He waited for a response from the captain about who he needed to have a nice discussion with.

Pashi turned and addressed the group “They are my travelling companions. I have one who would be most interested in visiting your mines. The individual is an engineer and is fascinated with mines. Perhaps you could show this individual your mines; give the individual and myself a tour and explain your techniques and perhaps we could explain our techniques. Learn from each other.”

-Lieutenant j.g. Pashi zh’Vhohlehr,Science

The man seemed to consider the request. He did not seem exactly against it but more like he was caught between a rock and a hard place wishing to carry it out. His glance back at the taller woman and her supporters who seemed more keen to beat up the landing party if given the chance seemed to echo this. Turning back to Pashi he continued, =/\= I see, it is true that through Va’s agents from the stars, up till their recent return to His Heavens we have expanded greatly on our deep rock mining across much of our known living space. Some say it has not been a kind experience to Va’s body..=/\= He said gesturing indicating maybe that Va’s body related to a religious view of the planet. Much like humans would view ‘Mother Earth’ in some ways. =/\= However, those like myself who say such are fewer then those who took a stronger belief in Va’s agent teachings of hard work, and strength. Perhaps though if you and say another one or two of your party were willing to meet in our village for further discussions I could convince those with me to take your interested party member to our nearer mines. Would this be agreeable to you? =/\= He asked.

Glen found this turn of events interesting. His very first thoughts here; his Plan A if you will, was to try to convince the native villagers that no loving God could have destroyed their environment as it had been over exploitation and pollution, but it had seemed they were too hostile to Fedoomers to ever reach a point where such a dialogue could take place.

“Yes, yes!” Glen told Pashi, “Tell him that is agreeable to us, and that we can tell them about Earth, and how that planet was almost laid waste by Nuclear War and Pollution. When we meet them, we can tell them how it was brought back from the brink only by the discovery of a unique alien organism that proved instrumental in the creation of technology and methods to solve Earth’s pollution crisis. Show them that contact and alliances beyond Va could protect Va from harm, and help improve their own condition too, but we’ll need to be very careful around anything of religious significance to them. Try and understand this Va worship a little more first.”

OOC: Ok for the sake of getting moving a bit faster 1) id like least pashi, the co OR xo, and one science person going for such a talk in the village (you can even throw in a NE guard or two), 2) For the engineer going to the mine same thing but someone also from medical would be good. Beyond this everyone else (player wise) can be divided as needed between both events.

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Joe being some distance from the UT’s and the conversation in general stood waiting. Although he couldn’t understand the language he could tell by the tone and body language of the villagers that their attitudes for the most part seemed to be softening so he kept his eyes shifting back and forth between the villagers and the landing party awaiting any forthcoming orders from the captain.

=/\= Joe, the attitude of the villagers may be softenng. Your suggestion of visiting the mines went down well. We will split into a team to visit the mines and another to go to the village centre. We’ll need to secure the shuttle or take it back. Glen out! =/\=

ooc everyone i hurt my shoulder and right arm and am on loa unil least next friday till then side sim please not related to main sim

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OOC: Yes, Rob is going to be out of action for a while, but we can still form the two groups as he suggested ready for his return. Unfortuantely, I am also going to to be away over Easter Holidays, so right about the time he is back. Sorry. Side-Sims but please don;t have people wandering off. This is a dangerous planet and your character will die. Maybe alt-Sim before we arrived?

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