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Posted March 26, 2023, 10:37 a.m. by Lieutenant Maximilien Mullins (Chief Engineer) (Clayton Strong)

After getting the orders from the captain about needing to go look at the mines, he went ahead and made a call on his communicator =/\=I need NE Martin and Rossi to meet me at the location of the mine, I will be sending up the coordinates in a moment. Please make sure and send some environmental masks just in case there is anything toxic discovered in the mines. =/\= Max then started to head to the location of the mine and went ahead and sent up the coordinates of the mine location to the engineering ensigns so they knew where to meet him. After a few moments of walking, Max arrived at the mine location and he saw that Martin and Rossi had beamed down to the location. He then said to them, “I am going to need some help looking over these mines and make sure everything is in order and everything is safe.” He then looked around to find someone from the mine. He walked up to the first person he saw and said, “I am Lt Mullins with Star-fleet. I have been asked to help our with anything int he mines and I would like to make sure everything is as safe as possible. Who is in charge so I can speak to them about everything going on?” He waited for a response from the miner. This was going to be a new experience for Mullins. He had never been in a mine before, other than in a simulation in the holodeck. He had done some studying of mines but not a whole lot. He could learn a decent amount of stuff and hopefully can help with the items needed based on engineering, which he knew. He was excited about this very different experience.

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