Alt Timeline: Doctor Hunter's quarters

Posted March 26, 2023, 11:29 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) (Bob Spicer)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) in Alt Timeline: Doctor Hunter’s quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Joe Milligan (XO) in Alt Timeline: Doctor Hunter’s quarters
Joe strolled through the ship as he frequently did with a spring in his step, smiling and nodding to those he didn’t know well and always stopping to speak to those he did know well. He was all in all a friendly and for the most part a happy person. Asked one time to describe himself he had simply thought for a moment and then replied. ” I get up in the morning a happy person because waking up seems to me like a better thing to do than not waking up. After that I’m usually easily satisfied and made happy by most anything that comes my way. The secret to that you know is to have very low expectations of pretty much everyone. Unfortunately, though there always seems to be someone somewhere who wants to deliberately not meet even your lowest expectations. It’s usually just the one in any given day but usually one is more than enough.”

Joes’ day had been going pretty good thus far, so he had thought to get done something he had had in mind for some time. Fortunately, or unfortunately his plan involved Doctor Hunter who was one of those people who seemed to aim beneath his level of low expectations on a regular basis. He found himself outside of Hunter’s quarters now. He chuckled at himself as he hesitated for a moment. He took a sip from the cup of coffee he had in his hand and then plunged ahead as he reached out and buzzed Hunter’s cabin door.

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

Hunter was relaxing ,unwinding and calming down from all the stress that came with sickbay, while laying on the bed,wearing just a pair of trousers . He was listening to Van Luding Beethoven symphony’s softly playing in the background widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived, dominating a period of musical history as no one else before or since .His eyes felt heavy and was about to drop off to sleep ,that is until he heard the chime ‘’Who the hell is it now’‘ Hunter mumbled to himself as he walked the couple of steps to the door and hitting the button .

As the door swished open the good doctor came face to face with Joe * If it ain’t the devil himself * Hunter thought.

Hunter Dr.

Joe stood holding his half empty coffee cup, and at Hunter's greeting he smiled broadly and said in a cheerful voice, "The Devil did you say? Well, thank you doctor I didn't know I'd been given such a big promotion! I've always had a grudging respect for old Beelzebub myself. Always thought I might want to try him in the boxing ring once or twice! "

Joe smiled then and asked Hunter, Can I come in doctor? I have a bit of ships business I need to discuss with you and only you will do. I need to a set of talents that I feel only you possess.”

Lt. Cmdr. Joe Milligan XO

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