' Joyful and Merry Making ' at the Lounge - Everyone Welcome.

Posted March 28, 2023, 4:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Pashi zh’Vhohlehr (Science) (Christopher Huskins)

Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in ‘ Joyful and Merry Making ‘ at the Lounge - Everyone Welcome.
Hunter informed all the crew to come to the Lounge if they wanted some entertainment and being provided with amusement or enjoyment .He also asked anyone with any special talent to perform if they so wished or come up with something at the spur of the moment .

There was finger foods,desserts ,fairy lights of every color around the bar and hanging from the ceiling giving the place a truly magical feeling and last but not least music . He could not have done it without the help of Kate and Sharp .While the two went to change Hunter stood by waiting for Cross who came running out of breath ‘’Am I late?’‘ she asked ‘’How do I look doctor?’‘ .

Hunter had asked if she could come early and greet the crew ‘’You look just great dear ‘’ he replied not really seeing her short white dress and with that he left in a hurry to get changed himself.

Cross looked around and thought she’ll add a kind of white mist which gave the impression of something hazy ,making the floor invisible . As she stood in the doorway Miriam checked the pearls she had put in her hair and waited.

Hunter and Cross

Pashi was unsure of herself, she wore an Andorian silk kimono. The design was extremely dark blue at the bottom and gradually turned to ice white by the collar. She made her way to the lounge and stepped in. This was to be her first ‘social’ event with her crewmates and she wanted to make a good first impression.

-Lieutenant j.g. Pashi zh’Vhohlehr, Science

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