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Posted May 29, 2023, 9 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) (marthese bugeja)

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“Can someone brief me on the results of the testing of water and blood samples, please?” Glen asked. “Any surprises there? Does it confirm what we already suspected?”

Verity silently review the results, and when the Captain asked for a high level synopsis she began, “Well, sir, according to the data from the blood samples, the parasite seems to be relatively harmless. It is showing remarkable effects as far as tissue regeneration, age defying properties, and improved muscle enhancement. Furthermore it seems to be activated by each individual’s unique DNA sequence.”

Verity could not understand how this organism could have adapted as it had. “I wonder if this is some type of experiment left her by the Klingons upon their occupation of the planet. Maybe their way of making the laborers more efficient?”

’‘ I highly doubt as when Bridge made contact with the Klingon’s they said they knew about the bacteria but it had no effect on them. The bacteria could have taken thousands or millions of years to adapt in its present DNA .Its truly mind blowing that it can sequence its DNA to each individual ‘’ Hunter replied .He thought for a couple of seconds ‘’I suppose its not much different from how our gut bacteria works ,I’m wondering why it has not effected us since we have been down here ..maybe something in these humanoid ‘s bodies make the bacteria easier for it to adapt? ‘’

“I don’t think the Klingons were lying about it not affecting them, but they certainly knew about the effect it had on the natives, and they used it to best their advantage by putting them to work where the adaptations allowed them to work harder, longer, quicker! Rather than it being because of something some Humans are missing, it might be something that some Klingons have? Could it possibly be because of the Klingon augment virus? The Klingons who survived being infected by it, as a hybridized form of Levodian Influenza, had extreme alterations to their DNA, and this could have left them with an immunity to bacteria and other viruses, that also attempt bio-engineering of the DNA. So, not lying, just not telling the whole truth. I’d agree that it is probably something that developed naturally on this planet. When the natives spoke of their religion and their worship of Va, they believe that it has given them strength, suggesting that it has been present for at least as long as their religion. What puzzles me; concerns me even, is why the Klingons left so suddenly. If this planet has unfractured and isotropic Dilithium crystals it is only one of a handful of planets that do. It is a great prize to just hand over to us, so there is something we don’t know about yet. if the reason was the virus, then I need to know what exactly is the ‘something’ that we don’t know about.”

“So, these results simply confirm what we had already surmised?” Glen concluded.

A Vulcan male who was also reading the data off quietly then looked up and spoke up. “Captain. I believe that in agreement with the Khitomer accords, the Klingons consolidated their border as part of the agreement. They would have not wanted to give it up. However they had to.” He stated rather matter of factly. He turned his brown eyes to the rest of them his face thoughtful. “It is a wonder that they have managed to survive in these conditions. I would agree. If we could persuade them to move, it would be better for them as a whole. As for why we are unaffected without taking a sample back and trying to strip it down to the genome… we may not be able to tell. My best guess, and it is only that. That it is the bacteria responds well to certain dna configurations.” The Vulcan runs a hand through his short brown hair, gently scratching the back of his head. “It will require further testing on the Merrimack.”

“Thank you, Saelk,” Glen replied. “I guess the Klingons were given little choice. As for having these people move, I can’t see that happening. I’ve never come across a group of people more obstinate and uncompromising as these. Let us get the samples taken back to the Merrimack then.”

“I want to talk to the Elders now, face to face,” Glen told them. “Does anyone wish to accompany me?”

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‘’I’ll accompany you Captain ,that is if you don’t mind ‘’ Hunter replied.
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