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NE Banks spoke very quietly to Max, “Sir, I’m sure that you are aware of this already, but if these Sun Crystals are Dilithium then we don’t need to actually see them. They will give off a peculiar but very specific energy reading which our tricorders can scan for. If you are planning to scan this area about the safety aspects anyway, then you could easily scan the storage areas within the same sweep.”

Max remembered this was a very good idea. Max knew he was going to need to scan things for safety and this would present a perfect time to do a scan of the Dilithium. Max then said, very quietly, “Thank you Ensign Banks. I am not sure if that is a good idea and we need to keep it out of the hearing of the miners. We do not want to upset them any further.”

“No!” replied NE Banks, “Of course not! Sorry!” Banks still had much to learn as an Ensign.

[Mullins[ still waited to see how the head of the miners responded to his questions. He wanted to be as helpful as possible to help with the view from the miners of Star-fleet.

The woman nodded, =/\= Go do what you must, I will send one of my younger knowledgably workers to accompany you and keep an eye on…when you do go to work.=/\= She said. =/\= If there is nothing else I have much forms to work, and to then present to the Elders..=/\= She added.

GM CockRoach

Max then said to the woman, “Thank you for your information and I am going to be doing some scans to see how things are functioning and making sure the mine is safe, both structurally and air quality wise. I am not trying to impede or over step my bounds but just trying to look over you and the miners.” He had hoped to not scare or upset the woman as this was to be helpful and not destructive. He then motioned to his NEs to follow him and he pulled out his scanner. He hit a few buttons to scan both structure and air quality and began doing scans.

Lt Mullins CE

OOC: Just to clarify before I respond to this, did you go INTO a mine/mine entrance or are you in the open yet scanning? Just so I know which info to give you right.

GM CockRoach

OOC: I believe I had to go down into the mine to talk to the women so I would have started there. Maybe i’m nuts, maybe I’m not.

Lt Muillins

OOC: It was also my understanding that the entire party was already inside a mine.
- Dave

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