Side Sim- Bridge- Coming Aboard Check in

Posted June 1, 2023, 2:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cara Meow (Ship's Xenoanthropologist and Sociologist) (David Fergusson)


A Vulcan male steps off of a shuttlepod into the shuttlebay. He looks around for a few moments before he let out his breath slowly and controled. When he inhaled there was a slight twinge in his face but he only looked around for a moment more before walking to one of the officers on the deck. He told the officer that he would need guidance to the bridge. Once the officer set off out of the shuttlebay, the Vulcan followed. He followed the officer through the corridor to the turbolift. The officer gestured to the turbolift, and told the Vulcan that the bridge was on deck one.

Saelk nodded and stepped onto the turbolift before he turned to face the door and pressed the button to head up to Deck 1. He soon stepped off of the Turbolift and headded onto the bridge. Stepping inside, he came a few feet into the room and then a few feet to one side to leave access to the door. The man was dressed in attire that was more traditionally Vulcan, though he did have a federation pin attached to the robe he wore. He looked at everyone on the bridge, face ever passive. He after several minutes went up to the Captain’s chair. “I am looking for Captain John Glen.”

“The Captain is in his Ready Room, looking at the new orders from the Admiral while we are in this standard orbit,” Kahuna told Saelk. “I’m Lt. Hercules Kahuna, Weapons Officer. I’ve just passed my Bridge officer exam, and trying to build up my Bridge hours for further Command exams. You must be the new CSO?”

Saelk looked around the room and noted the door that lead to the Captains Ready room. He then turned his eyes back to Lt. Pokorski. He listened and then gave a small nod at the question. “Yes. I was assigned to this ship by the High Council.” He explained.

Kahuna introduced the other Bridge officers to Saelk, “That’s Lt. Dariusz Pokorski at Navigation, NE officer at Helm, and NE officer at Communications. Over at Science there is the Ship’s Xenoanthropologist and Sociologist, Cara Meow. Saelk would see a Catian female looking down the Scope at the planet below. Each of the officers acknowledged Saelk in turn as their names were mentioned.

As each person is pointed out, his eyes followed around the room. He gave small nods to each person in acknowledgement. “Well I have never met a Catian.. This will be interesting at the least.” He said after all of the introductions were made. “I am coming aboard as a Lieutenant And indeed the Chief Science Officer. I will do my best for Captain and Crew.” He said as monotonous as a Vulcan ever was. Though he meant it, every word.

Cara heard what Saelk said and replied, “Good Evening, Sir! Contrary, I am very familiar with Vulcans. Before I decided to join Starfleet, I studied at the Vulcan Institute of Science. No reflection on the teaching given there, but I got bored with the mixture of office work and lectures; merely cataloguing other Federation races, or creating computer-assisted translation tools. However, I did always enjoy the paper shredding. I decided that the best place to observe other cultures and races was aboard a Federation starship.”

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