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The woman nodded, =/\= Go do what you must, I will send one of my younger knowledgably workers to accompany you and keep an eye on…when you do go to work.=/\= She said. =/\= If there is nothing else I have much forms to work, and to then present to the Elders..=/\= She added.

Max then said to the woman, “Thank you for your information and I am going to be doing some scans to see how things are functioning and making sure the mine is safe, both structurally and air quality wise. I am not trying to impede or over step my bounds but just trying to look over you and the miners.” He had hoped to not scare or upset the woman as this was to be helpful and not destructive. He then motioned to his NEs to follow him and he pulled out his scanner. He hit a few buttons to scan both structure and air quality and began doing scans.

OOC: I believe I had to go down into the mine to talk to the women so I would have started there. Maybe i’m nuts, maybe I’m not.

Lt Muillins CE

OOC: It was also my understanding that the entire party was already inside a mine.

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OOC: So to clarify from earlier you’re in a bowl shaped depression stripped mined over the years by mining equipment down like 200-300ft which then began to have tunnels tug of more recent times. The place you met the woman just now was in that bowl depression on the surface in a metal shed. Pretty sure i made that clear earlier, but if I wasnt or it was forgotten then I apologize, either way still need to clarify which you’re doing then, you going INTO a mine tunnel or you staying in the surface mine bowl?

GM CockRoach

OOC: That wasn’t clear to me, for whatever reasons. So then, as I see it, we are currently standing within an Open Cast Mine, and the GM is asking if you want to risk entering inside some dangerous, very unstable and highly unsafe tunnels, with an obvious perilous conclusion? I’ll leave that choice to you as CE! However, there is the question of do we actually need to enter in order to carry out these necessary and vital scans, and to complete your orders?

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OOC: Sorry for all the confusion. I would like to do all the scans without entering and to be able to scan somewhere near where these Sun crystals are so I can scan them without seeming to scan them because I am scanning the area. I am going to post something and hopefully it will work.

Max went ahead and took our his tricorder. Before entering the mine, he wanted to scan as much as he was able to without having to actually enter. He would have guessed the mines were not safe. He typed in the keys in order to start the scan. He set the tricorder to scan as deep as possible. He waited for the scan to provide as much data as possible.

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