Side Sim- Medbay, Vulcan check up and check in

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A vulcan male steps out of the turbolift. His robes flowed around him as he wore attire more traditional to Vulcans. Though there is a standard federation badge on his chest, along with a rank indicator that signified as a Lt. He walks along the vorridor in a swift, but it could be seem that even in the swiftness, he was not hurried. He stepped towards the doors that lead to the Sickbay, he turned into the sickbay and walked inside.

He steps a few feet forward and to the side, so that he did not clog the door. There he stopped and looked about. His face an ever passive. He watched the husle and bustle of the area.
Lt. Saelk, CSO

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D. Inman

Kate the nursing officer went up to the male doctor β€˜β€™ Hunter ,Hunter there is a Vulcan in sickbay β€˜β€™ she told him rather excitingly β€˜β€™I have not seen one on the Merrimack for quiet some time ! β€˜β€™ .The doctor looked up from the padd he was holding β€˜β€™ So? β€˜β€™ he asked β€˜β€™ Why don’t you calm yourself and see if he’s here for his medical ,show him an empty bio -bed ,I’ll be with him in a few minutes ..oh and do compose yourself before he decide we are lunatics on this ship and decide to leave β€˜β€™.

Saelk simply raised an eyebrow, but said nothing on the exchange.

Still wearing his attire Kate could not make out from which dept he was going to be stationed or for that matter want made him come to sickbay β€˜β€™ Sir how can I help ?β€™β€˜ the N.O asked, completely composing herself in front of the Vulcan.
Kate N.O.

He looked to her, giving her a once over before speaking. β€œI have been apointed to this ship by the Vulcan High Council. To take over the duties of the Chief Science Officer. In accordance with the standard opperating procedure, I am here to be medically evaluated… if you can do so.” He stated speaking in a somewhat monotonious way. His eyebrow dropped as he spoke, returning all of his face to passive, emotionless look.
Lt. Salek, CSO

Kate nodded and pointed to a bio-bed β€˜β€™Do please take a seat doctor Hunter will be attending to you soon β€˜β€™ she took a few steps backwards and waited for the doctor .It took only a couple of minutes before the male doctor showed up and the reason had been cause he checked on the computer first to find the new additional crew member.

Saelk quietly moved to the indicated biobed giving the woman one nod before he sat down on the biobed.

Approaching the Vulcan male, Hunter introduced himself β€˜β€™Lt Salek , I’m doctor Hunter would you please lie down β€˜β€™ with the medical tricoder in hand Hunter asked β€˜β€™ Is there anything I should know before I star scanning ?β€™β€˜.
He was about to crack a joke about not changing into his uniform but thought with Vulcan’s the least said the better .

Hunter Dr

Saelk brought his legs up and shifted his position to lay somewhat comfortably. He ahook his head. β€œI feel that I am in perfect health.” He said before laid still for the scans.
Lt. Saelk, CSO

Hunter felt like throwing the medical tricoder away,if a Vulcan said he feels he’s in perfect health then he most definitely is β€˜β€™ Well I’ll run the scan to confirm you are in good health β€˜β€™ .

OOC: does the scan pick anything up?.

Meanwhile Cross had just finished with Cameron and was on her way to her office when she noticed the new addition to the crew ,she stopped but stayed a few steps away so as not to interfere, disrupt or stand in the way while the medical was taking place.

Cross CMO /Hunter Dr.

OoC: Supprisingly the scans pick up a small infection in his shoulder.

IC: Saelk gave a small shug. He continued to wait while the exam is finished up.
Lt. Saelk, CSO

After reading the scan Hunter turned facing him β€˜β€™Lt ,there is a slight infection in your left shoulder with traces of pus in the second layer of the skin the please remove your top clothing so I can have a better look β€˜β€™.

Hunter Dr.

Saelk raised an eyebrow is expression one of stoic but dubious. Never the less he complied, and slid his arms out of his robe, adjusting it so that it fell around his waist leaving his chest exposed as ordered.
Lt. Saelk, CSO

Hunter bend down observing the left shoulder ,the skin was slightly red .He pressed it with his thumb β€˜β€™Does it hurt Lt?β€™β€˜ the doctor asked β€˜β€™Do you have any idea what might have caused the infection ,maybe bumped in or scratched against something ,lifted a heavy object, anything unusual ? Can you offer anything tangible as to what might have caused pus to form ? β€˜β€™ .

Hunter Dr.

Saelk shook his hTead. β€œI do not feel any pain when you press.” He said neturally. His eyes looked thoughtful. β€œNot that I can recall… no… other than it formed as a way of my body drawing out the infection. One that I didn’t even know I had. Odd…” He said some small bits of worry creeped into his voice.
Lt. Saelk, CSO

There was a hint of worry in Saelk β€˜s tone β€˜β€™Don’t worry I’ll clean it up β€˜β€™ and with that Hunter got to work .Putting on sterile gloves Hunter disinfected the skin,after making a 3 cm incision he pressed to completely remove the pus , then flushed it with saline to remove any impurities before closing the wound β€˜β€™.

Cross had been watching, the male doctor asked her if she mind taking a blood sample . Cross nodded and approached the Vulcan from the other side .At this point Hunter introduced Cross as the CMO and Lt Saelk as the CSO ,the female doctor gave him a smile ,the red color of her eyes seem to be shinning as they caught the lights above . Taking the blue - colored blood sample Cross left to analyze it. It did not take her long to came back β€˜β€™ Lt your immune system is already fighting the infection β€˜β€™ she handed the results to Hunter who scrutinize them β€˜β€™ Lt ,I shall give you antibiotics two every 6 hrs for five days ..the last thing I want is for sepsis to develop β€˜β€™.

Cross approached the new addition to the crew β€˜β€™Lt , from the medical side you are cleared for duty ,keep taking the antibiotics and do please came back tomorrow for another scan.Its just a precaution measure , any questions ? β€˜β€™.

Cross CMO.

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