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Salek sat for a few minutes seemingly collecting his thoughts before he spoke. “Things happened quickly it was a lot of information passed along, so correct me where wrong.” He paused to draw in a breath. “First of all we knew the Ascended of.... VA was it? Were coming. The captain had asked for an audience with them. His request was approved, however he seems to be having some sort of medical issue so he could not be in attedance. Experimental Planet 19 for future refrence will ne notated as EP19 is a planet where life has come to this plannet under artifical means. It seems these people, or at least their ancestors were a warp capable people. It seems there were conflicts between a few peoples and a series of ships were destroyed in responce to provication. One of which contained a bacterium. The bacteria at first proved deadly to the populice, and then it seemed to mutate to be beneficial to the people, which just ended up adding a stimuli added to the populace.”

He paused for a few moments to allow for an interjection before continuing. “The purpose of the planet as I have been lead to believe is a study of life and how that life can be raised to be optimal levels. We are trying to understand method and motive. The Klingons attacked the matrix and lost… there may be a number of starfleet sanctions broken but we have to consider all facts. I have also been lead to believe that one of the goals is to gain an organic form in which opperates at peak efficentcy.”

Josan sat in the chair quietly, after a pause when no immediate question came forth it said, “..Ah apologies. Among the Ascended in our natural state all thoughts or questions or discourse is shared openly. It is such a habit for so long I have forgotten you must say such to me. So in that case what is it you wished to know about Planet 19 and its VA station to begin with?” it asked.

GM CockRoach

Verity looked at the CSO then leaned forward, intrigued by Josan’s explanation. “Thank you for clarifying. We appreciate your willingness to communicate with us in our manner. We’re particularly interested in the purpose of the VA station. It’s been a point of curiosity and discussion among our crew. Can or are you willing to shed some light on its origins and its current functions?”

V. Aphelion

Saelk let out his breath and nodded. “Everyone was called here so that we all could know and have an open discourse”

Lt. Salek, CSO

Max continued to just listen and observe everything going on. He was still curious about how this ‘ascension’ worked and he was hoping to get some information provided. Having details about the VA station would be good as well. It might be a way to help these poor folks out and make it good for both the planet and Star-fleet to work together. But having an idea of what they know and what they do not know is important. He had not seen any clues of advanced technology from citizens of the planet but he knew the Merrimack was not the first warp capable ship present so there was no breaking of the prime directive at this point. He wondered what else would come from this discussion.

Lt Mullins CE

Josan after a moment spoke, “..The VA stations are a shortened term for which does not translate into your spoken languages. Suffice to say it is a scientific research station setup to continue the Ascended’s goals of finding the upper limits of organic life which our own civilization was not able to answer before we ascended into our energy based form. It was built millions of your years ago by automated machines which were activated pre-planned thousands of years before as our civilization ascended beyond the physical realm. From there each station’s fleet of drones and assemblers built the stations in question and then used the genetic sequences to populate a nearby star system with a suitable habitable planet. The life forms on these planets were custom made and tailored to progress along a variety of evolutionary paths the station’s core artificial intelligence matrixes would then compile this information refine and reinstitute another round of experiments and refinements. When one dead end of organic limits was found another would begin, when an upper limit point was found this was then forwarded into the ascended plane of where we reside for us to analyze and contemplate. It’s current functions for this cycle of the natives on Planet 19 were for a humanoid species similar in scope and structure like yourselves. The station proposed the idea of utilizing a parasitic organism to test the limits of the organic frame of the created species. An unexpected mutation however from a passing cometary anomaly however, mutated it into something more beneficial that you now observed thousands of years ago. While it initially harmed the natives natural immunity took a surprising turn to evolve as you see now.” Josan said.

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