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There then was a pause as if the AI was listening to something within itself. A flicker of what might be considered bright good news came to its face on the screen. =/\= Since Captain Glen has stepped aside in conversing to this matrix, we are needing to inform whoever is taking his place here, that his earlier request to contact and interact with the Ascended has been approved. They will be preparing and sending a diplomatic personage to your vessel in the next 10 minutes. Will their formation and appearance upon the room you currently speak from be preferred or would you wish somewhere else? Say on Planet 19, or elsewhere on your vessel? =/\= It inquired.

GM CockRoach

This time Cross turned to the Vulcan ‘’Lt where do you suggest ? ‘’ she asked ‘’ To be honest I do not cherish the idea of them being on the bridge or anywhere else on the ship for that matter ‘’ she waited for his answer in anticipation ‘’It suggested on planet 19 ,do you think its an agreeable and favorable idea ?’‘.

Cross CMO.

Salek looked thoughtful. “We could however, given the new knowledge on the bacteria I would rather not go back down to the plannet in case something happens. I agree the bridge would be not ideal either. The place is of some importance however… I believe the best idea would be to treat them as foregn deligates and hold a confrence in the confrence room. If all chief of staffs have been recalled then every DH should be in attendance. Preferably the captain too however the way he walked off the bridge… it may be a while and time may not be on our side.” He said evenly before standing up.

Lt. Saelk, CSO

’‘ Very well Lt I’ll take your advice ,then the conference room it shall be..yes call all D’H’s to be present while its taking place .As for the Captain, unfortunately he won’t be attending bear with me I cannot give you any information as its classified but he’s in sickbay and being taken care off ‘’ there was as much as she could say ‘’Lt its up to you to take them to conference room ,I’ll be here on the bridge if you need me ‘’ Cross finished off then turned back to the AI =/\= It has been agreed that the meeting will be held on the ship in the conference room Lt Saelk shall be in charge.... any questions ?=/\=.

Cross CMO.

At that moment Hunter contacted the CMO =/\= Cross some good news ,the pathogen on Cara’s tail has been attacked by her immune system ,all the blood works came normal except for high white blood cells which is expected since its attacking the bacteria in a few words its dying …Hunter out =/\= .

Hunter Dr.

Salek nodded “Well thats good, I still have the same reservations however.” He then looked over to the crewmen who sat at the Communications station. “Please open a ship wide Comm.”

Once he is given the go Salek speaks up. =^= Attention all Department heads this is Lt. Salek, your presence is requested in Confrence Room A. Salek out.=^= He made a small gestture with his hand to indicate the end of the transmission then nodded. He gestured for a NLt that was attending an axillary science station to take over the main station and with little else the Bulcan strode off of the bridge.

Lt. Salek, CSO.

Cross waited until the CSO was off the bridge before making a slumping movement in the Captain’s chair .

The AI gave its reply, =/\= We will inform the Ascended representative of its arrival point to come. If there is nothing else I will return my matrix to standby mode. =/\= It queried.

GM CockRoach

=/\ = Acknowledged =/\= she replied while hoping the meeting won’t take long ,so the ship could eventually leave the orbit and be done with the Ascended.

Cross CMO.

Without any further words the screen shut off as the AI’s comm disconnected. Now they just had to setup in the next ten minutes in the conference room for the Ascended representative.

GM CockRoach

On entering the bridge Hunter made his way to where Cross was sitting and found her about to doze off . ‘’Cross ,Cross ‘’ he called while rolling his eyes .The female doctor nearly jumped out of the chair ‘’What ? ‘’ she exclaimed.

‘’Shut up Cross I came across something important while going through the scrolls..have you heard the word Va?’‘ .The CMO nodded ‘’Yes the AI mentioned the word why ?’‘

‘’While I was down at the planet the inhabitants mentioned a deity called Va,they also said that the bacteria nearly killed their population though by time became immune to it and started to strive , my question is how much should we trust these highly technological Aliens ,what have they done to the natives ?’‘ Hunter questioned.

By now Cross started pacing while thinking about everything the AI had said ‘’They have other similar structures , their main goal is for their next generation to became organic .The Ascended knew about the bacteria as another alien ship was trying to destroy their structure and by defending themselves this ship crashed on the planet thus where the bacteria came from ‘’ .

Hunter passed his fingers through his hair ‘’ Really Cross ..what if all they said is a lie ,put yourself in their position if they want to became organic would they not make a concerted effort towards achieving the best and producing the greatest advantage results for their next generation, irrelevant and unworthy of consideration of any harm they might do on those they experiment on ?’‘ .

Cross CMO.

‘’Cross the CSO should know ‘’ suggested Hunter ‘’ Since he’s the one who’s going to speak with the Ascended ‘’.

Cross was still pacing but on hearing what the doctor had suggested she stopped ‘’Know what Hunter ? We have nothing more except hypotheses ,let him deal with it with an open mind ....Vulcans are excellent and highly skilled at that ‘’Cross retorted back ‘’ Beside I cannot just go and leave the bridge alone can I’‘.

Cross CMO.

Hunter stepped on the bridge once more ,he looked at the few crew doing whatever they were doing At least the bridge is still in one piece.
Moving towards Cross he found her tapping her fingers on the Captain’s chair ‘’ Is everything in order? ‘’ the male doctor asked, she responded by a side way glance then went back to look at some imaginary spot in front of her .

Hunter persisted ‘’Any news ?’‘ to which the CMO responded ‘’ I have been informed about some kind of energy in the conference room, most probably from the I guess ‘they ‘ came ‘’.

The doctor nodded ‘’ Cross , Lt Verity is now our new Cmdr but maybe you already knew ?’‘ the female doctor shook her head from side to side ‘’No I did not ‘’ after a few minutes of silence and still looking straight ahead she spoke in a neutral tone’‘ I’ll shall congratulate her once I see her ‘’ and with that she started tapping her fingers out of restlessness and boredom .

Cross CMO.

‘’Doctor shouldn’t you be in sickbay by now and do keep an eye on the Captain ‘ were Cross’s last words to Hunter before he exited the bridge. She did wonder what was going on in the conference room, cause until now the CMO had been left completely in the dark .

Cross CMO.

Cross was fed up looking at the black screen with tiny white dots scattered around,she thought about leaving before going crazy but still thought it was best to stay put just in case something happened .

Her thoughts now turned to the ascended and trying to figure out the reason that they so desperately wanted to became organic .Sure they had been studying the inhabitants for quiet some time , yet she wondered if or how in dept that study of learning or attaining knowledge had been.

The power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments logically. The doctor knew full well that it was not just the biological body but the fact of not just existing. The very nature and essence of a person ............taking into account the psychological , emotional ,maybe even spiritual of that being.

Cross CMO.

OOC: So just to clarify the ascended dont want to become organic again, they are just having their automated stations and AI’s experiment on answering a question they themselves couldnt answer before they became energy based.

GM CockRoach

OOC: I thought in a previous post it was mentioned that they want future generations to became organic No?.


OOC: Not by me? If someone did forget that please, I never said it. What they wanted was the stations to continue their research that wasnt able to be completed before they ascended to energy based life forms.

GM Cockroach

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