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Glen wrote another message on one of the PADDs and then passed it across the table to Lieutenant Max Mullins, the CE. It said:

How difficult would it be to delete your surveys of the EP19 mines and your confirmation of Dilithium on the planet in your mission reports to Starfleet? I want to suggest to Stargate that a new General Order is instigated that stipulates secrecy and prevents anyone else ever having contact or coming near this sector. However, if we mention economically viable reserves of Dilithium, that isn’t going to wash with the more conservative wings of the Federation. I also appreciate that holding back some of the truth might be against your personal ethical code. That’s why I’m asking. Don’t feel pressured!

<Reply from Max>

Before the CMO sighed she took out her cell phone =/\= Captain permission to leave bridge and head to the conference room =/\= .

=/\= And a very good morning to you too, Lieutenant. There is some delicate diplomacy going on down here. I’ve sent Faith to you with the details, so that you wouldn’t feel left out, but I can’t allow is your special brand of brash risk-taking and lack of tact to upset this delicate situation here. You will have to trust me on this one and let me do my job. =/\=

=/\= How thoughtful of you Sir to even bother to think of me =/\= Cross replied ,Glen could her her cough to clear her voice =/\= I do sincerely hope that its not a one way diplomacy and your main priority is about those inhabitants and not the Dilithium.....good day Sir =/\= .

Verity listened intently to the ongoing dialogue in the conference room. As she glanced at the PADD from Captain Glen, she wondered what he had in mind. “Captain, if you have a moment may I have a word, please.”

“Certainly,” Glen replied. He indicated the PADD should she wish to have the word with him in private.

Right about now, Glen was out of options, so he could certainly use some more.

<Reply from Verity>

Glen still felt uneasy with all this diplomacy, and he knew that many, including Miriam and Faith, would not thank him for making any deal with the ascended beings that did not allow for the full protection for the natives of EP19. He thought that even with the Dilithium deposits covered up, and a new General Order in place, the survival of the natives was still completely at the whim of the ascended beings. Unfortunately, they did not see the bigger picture here as he could. The Federation’s uneasy relations with the Klingon Empire had deteriorated since Khitomer, and the Klingons seemed just as strong as ever. There was also Starfleet intelligence of some new rising threat powers beyond a recently discovered inhabited system on the edges of known space, and while the Orion pirate situation was now under control again, there was intelligence of other pirates who had bought or stolen Warp technology. In addition, the Federation’s long-standing ice cold relations with the Star Empire of Romulus showed some signs of hotting up. Glen still felt personally responsible for the whole Bolay War that was currently ongoing. The borders of the Federation were already dangerous enough. So, to deliberately provoke some new much stronger power; some ascended beings who could destroy ships with a wink of an eye, or a snap of fingers, that would be the actions of a crazy person. It would be the end of his career and of his reputation, and he couldn’t see how those actions could ever lead to a timeline when the USS Merrimack would be that celebrated ship located in the heart of the Black Rock naval museum. Glen felt between caught a rock and a hard place, and often wished that he had never visited the future and there was no such thing as Fate.

  • Glen, CO

Josan spok again breaking the silence, “..You and your crew seem to be contemplative, Captain Glen, on some matter. It may be many ages since I last held a physical body such as this, but unless I miss my assumption you appear unsure on how to proceed with something, or wish to inquire on some matter that we have spoken or not spoken about?” the being asked.

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