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Posted Sept. 28, 2023, 8:59 p.m. by Crewman Dariusz Pokorski (Navigator) (David Fergusson)

By this time the crew who Cross had sent for their breaks had returned taking their position back on the bridge ,she stood by the Captain’s chair hoping he and the Cmdr would soon join them.

The first to return was the Navigator, Dariusz Pokorski. He took his position and saw that the settings were exactly as he had left them, with the ship locked into a standard orbit of the planet.

While Cross and Hopkins had been talking, Hercules Kahuna had also returned to the Bridge from his comfort break. Like Doctor Cross, Hercules Kahuna had also taken the Starfleet Bridge Officer and Command exams.

He took up the position, just to one side of the Captain’s chair, that had been so favoured by the one of the previous Merrimack XOs, Commander Kord, that he had almost worn away a patch on the floor.

Cross followed him with her eyes and the way Lt Kahuna stood brought back memories of Kord who Cross remembered so well, she believed Glen still felt the loss of his long time first officer .

“I can take over the Conn now, Doctor?” he told Cross, “If you wished to join all the other senior officers in the Conference Room with the Ascended?”

Cross observed his uniform ‘’ Be my guest Lt ‘’ she whispered feeling drained both physical and emotional .Shaking her head from side to side the CMO replied
‘’The Captain made it clear that he does not want me there ‘’ after a slight pause she went on ‘’Maybe he knows me all too well or at least he thinks he does ‘’.

Kahuna paused, smiled and said, “That’s never stopped you before!”

At first Cross looked at Kahuna as if he had just sprouted two antennas while biting on her lower lip but it did not take her long for a grin to spread across her face ‘’ Don’t be alarmed if you see the COS dragging me to the bridge cell ‘’ she responded back.

Taking the Padd she had just sighed from Faith ‘’ I’ll save you the trouble of taking this to the Captain’‘ and with that the female doctor excited the bridge.

Kahuna also allowed himself a small smile. Doctor Cross didn’t appear to like him very much, but he hoped he could change that given time, and maybe this was a small beginning.

Faith decided she would keep away from the Conference Room for the moment.

“Okay!” Kahuna announced as he sat down in the Captain’s Chair, “Reports please! Communications, Navigation, Science! Where are we and how are we doing?”

“The Merrimack remains in a stable orbit of the EP19,” replied Pokorski. “All systems are operating under normal parameters.”

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