Side Sim: McDuff unwinds in the Galley (open to all)

Posted Sept. 29, 2023, 4:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Cameron McDuff (Chief Of Security) (Steve Alliss)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) in Side Sim: McDuff unwinds in the Galley (open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Cameron McDuff (Chief Of Security) in Side Sim: McDuff unwinds in the Galley (open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Troy Hunter (General Medical Doctor) in Side Sim: McDuff unwinds in the Galley (open to all)
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Things had been hectic for Cameron just lately. He couldn’t remember the last time he sat down to eat. Yet, he didn’t feel hungry. Still, he found himself in the Galley and wasn’t prepared to waste the journey down there. He ordered a Large Cappuccino and took it over to an empty table to sit at.

Sitting down in his chair, he rested all the way back and relaxed his shoulders. He allowed his head to roll back for a moment as he closed his eyes and drew a heavy breath. Boy, was he tired. He hadn’t anticipated this posting to be as hectic as it had turn out. The chance to sit and relax for a moment was welcome, yet uncomfortable. He found himself thinking ‘What should I be doing? Where should I be right now? Isn’t there something that I should be checking out or reviewing?’. Wrestling these thoughts away, he picked up his Coffee cup and held it to his nose and breathed the smell in deeply “Lovely…” he thought to himself before taking a long, slow sip.

It wasn’t until now that he realized how badly he needed this.

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

Cross had been observing him before making a bee line to where he was sitting ,pulling a chair for herself ‘’ My ,my Lt Cameron it seem like you are about to topple over ,that bad being on the Merrimack ? ‘’ the female doctor asked with a hint of humor in her tone of voice.

Cross CMO.
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Max strolled into the Galley and noticed that Lt McDuff was sitting there. He looked down so Max decided to stroll over and say, “Are you doing alright Cameron? It looks like you are have something going on. Is it anything you would like to talk about?” He went ahead and sat down and waited to see if Cameron would say anything.

Lt Mullins

Cross was already sitting at the table and she wondered if she had somehow turned invisible ‘’Lt Mullins ,how are things holding up for you? ‘’.

Cross CMO.

McDuff smiled. “Lieutenant Cross, Lieutenant Mullins, good to see to see you both. I’m doing fine” He chuckled. “Just a little tired, I guess.” He gestured for them to join him before leaning forward and having another hearty sip of his drink.
“I must admit, I didn’t anticipate things on the Merrimack being as… busy as they have proved to be.”

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

Iphigenia made her entrance, striding into the Galley. She nodded to the others and gracefully pulled out a chair. “My, my, Lt. McDuff, it seems like you are about to topple over. Is it that bad being on the Merrimack?” she quipped with a playful tone.

Duran, Helmsman

On hearing the same question being asked by Duran Cross raised a hand over her mouth to try and stifle herself from laughing, unfortunately she did not succeed.
The water the doctor had been drinking spluttered out from her mouth while a small amount managed to go down her trachea , Cross stood up and started to cough ,gesturing for someone ,anyone to slap her on the back ‘’Darn you lot ‘’ she said in between each breath......... though in a humor sort of way.

Cross CMO.

McDuff raised an eyebrow and smiled “Glamorous as ever, Doctor” he teased.
“The work on the Merrimack is certainly unlike anything I’ve done previously - that’s for sure” McDuff said in replied Duran.

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

By this point Cross had stopped coughing and was back in her chair ‘’Thanks guys for assisting me ,I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t around’‘ she said in a rather sarcastic tone .

Cross CMO.

“How about you guys? How have things been for you lately?” McDuff asked

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS


Hunter casually made his way to the group ,now standing behind Cross’s chair he said in a cool,calm and collected manner ‘’Doctor my shift had ended about two hours ago and I have been patiently waiting for you to appear in sickbay ‘’ .

Cross did not turn around ,instead her eyes widened and promptly got up ‘’Sorry Lt’s ‘’ she apologized and hastily made her way out ,not daring to look at the male doctor .

Hunter settled in the now vacant chair ‘’ Hope you don’t mind me joining you , so what did I miss ?’ he asked . His eyes fell on the Vulcan ‘’ Ah Lt Saelk I believe you had an appointment ‘’ he did not elaborate further knowing that Saelk would know what he was referring too.

Hunter Dr.


“By all means, please join us” McDuff said warmly as he gestured to an empty chair at the table.

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

‘’Thanks Lt ‘’ Hunter replied ‘’ At times I feel like I’m stuck in sickbay day in day out .What about the rest of you have you had time to settle in ?’‘ the doctor asked knowing some of those present had boarded the ship in the last few weeks .

Hunter Dr.

“I’m getting there” McDuff spoke, clearly withholding everything that he wanted to say.
“Sounds like they’re keeping you busy down in Sickbay. Must get a little monotonous? “

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

Hunter chuckled ‘’No quiet you’ll be amazed at what goes on ‘’ after a moment’s thought the doctor wen on ‘’ I was told there was an altercation between Kate and Cross and due to the disturbance you had to be called ‘’ he rubbed at his chin thinking of how to put it into words ‘’It seems the conflict was due to the nursing officer asking Cross about me while I was down at the planet’‘.
Wonder if he has reported the incident .

Hunter Dr.

“I don’t know what caused the incident” McDuff said, cutting the conversation short. In an ever constant effort to remain professional, even in his down time, he wasn’t going to get into discussing other people’s business which really didn’t have anything to do with him.
“I suppose if you want to find out more, you’ll have to ask the CMO.” He smiled as he replied.

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

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