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‘’Misguided ? I beg to differ those inhabitants are capable of thinking and reasoning .They have their own viewpoints,belief, are capable of judging and rationalize ..if it was not so they would have still thought of us as the devils but realized it was what the Klingon’s led them to believe....shall the Ascended take credit for that cause they do not have a sense of free will of a naturally developing life form !’‘ .

Cross had had enough , she had tried to reason with him but realized in their Ascended form they either could not grasp the meaning of being organic or where so full of themselves and where hell-bound on playing Gods.

The doctor had nothing more to add and left the room without saying another word.

Fully regarding Glen then he finished, “..It would seem Captain that we are at an impasse on this matter, one that will not be resolved by further talks. Again if you and your Federation abide by the limits of interaction with EP19 as I said before, you are free to do so. If you do not wish to abide then I suggest for your safety you cut ties fully. The remains of what the Klingons left behind do not interfere with the station’s experiments and if they ever do then drones will handle such a clean up after putting the inhabitants into a brief sleep and their mental imprints removed of such knowledge selectively. Again a process which is quite harmless to them. If then there is nothing else I suggest you and your Federation make your choice on how to proceed and let the VA station know your intentions one way or another to pass on after I leave. We do hope your own development continues peacefully and productively for your own evolving as life forms. Rest assured one day long after you and everyone here has passed on to dust even your bodies of your descendants will ascend to the next plane. It is not something to fear, it is just something that we learned is part of the natural order of evolution. But with that said there is also so much more to learn and experience on your own mortal plane, so do not try to rush it…” Josan said.

Glen agreed with Josan, that they had reached an impasse. He would never understand the viewpoint of the Ascended, and it appeared that they had no wish to understand theirs. These god-like beings all had the same attitude which came about because they were never forced to consider their own actions in any other light than that which they shone themselves. The Federation rightly considered all intelligent humanoids to be worthy of protection, whether they had Warp-drive technology or not. However, back when Earth still had religions which worshipped gods there was the story of Noah’s Ark, an impossible and implausible voyage based upon unscientific principles, but notable for the animals that were not included when Jehovah set forth his requirements to his followers, just as much as for those animals who were included.

Glen thought that Miriam’s interjection about the merits of ‘Love’ in all its many splendid ways, was useful, but it was quickly dismissed by Josan in the way that all god-like beings did when they explained their divine interventions. If Miriam had not left, as she is wont to do, but had pushed it further, he thought that it would have made little difference anyway. Still, he would try just one final time to make the case.

“I think that what my doctor meant to go on to say, was that all living humanoids can love and also can suffer in the same way, and to the same degree, no matter whether they were created by an Ascended being or not. They all feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness, and motherly love to the same degree. If you really believe yourselves to be a superior stage in existence, then whenever you consider doing something that would interfere with their needs, you are morally obligated to take them into account. I do understand that you believe that it makes a difference that you treat them with kindness and compassion, and that their euthanasia would be painless, but that is not sufficient. You believe that you are a higher stage in the natural order of evolution? There is also a duty on beings as powerful as yourselves, to treat others with respect too. Unless you acknowledge the inherent worth of every intelligent humanoid, then there can never be a harmonious coexistence between us, and we must withdraw just as you have suggested. Under such circumstances, I will recommend that the Federation cut ties fully.”

Verity, who had been listening intently to the entire exchange, couldn’t stay silent any longer. Stepping forward, she addressed Josan with a calm yet determined tone.

“Josan, I understand your perspective, but there’s a fundamental point here that cannot be ignored. Regardless of their origins or the nature of their existence, the inhabitants of EP19 possess consciousness and the capacity for experiences. They feel joy, pain, love, and suffering just like any other sentient beings. It’s not about imposing our views upon you; it’s about recognizing their right to exist and live their lives, free from the threat of being replaced or manipulated by external forces.”

She continued, “I believe in the potential for understanding and cooperation between different forms of life, but it must begin with acknowledging the inherent value of each individual. The Federation’s principles, which I represent, uphold the rights and dignity of all sentient beings. We are not here to impose our will upon you, but we cannot condone actions that disregard the worth of others.”

Verity made Glen’s point, which he thought was also Miriam’s point, a little better than they both had done, but would it make any difference? It didn’t seem that Josan had failed to understand the point, but more than he didn’t think it mattered, or that it made the slightest difference. As Glen had thought earlier, this confirmed that the Ascended treated the inhabitants of EP19 in the same way that humans would treat bacterial colonies growing on a petri dish. And it was unlikely that any argument they made, however well made, was going to change that attitude of disdain, scornfulness and contempt. They would never show any respect for the inhabitants of EP19 or se them as worthy of anything more than the experimental lab rats that humans once bred and kept for scientific research. If the meeting was concluded, then they had best leave these unsavory Ascended beings behind them and get out of this sector as quickly as possible.

  • Glen, CO

Josan regarded Verity, “..And for those lives who evolve and are created as you are and we had been I agree with you. Your choice to also include artificially created life such as the natives below is also your choice, it is not a choice our society believes in currently or previously. Should such ever become a choice we make it will I no doubt assume effect how the VA station’s and their assignment and those lifeforms they created will be handled appropriately. But such is not today I think.” they stated.

Meanwhile behind Josan coming into view out the viewport, was the large comet that had originally drawn their attention to finding the VA station, was coming to the planet. As planned on its flight path the comet came within about 500km of the planet’s atmosphere a few chunks of it breaking up and burning up quickly from the planet’s gravitational pull. The flecks that broke off, and the large cometary dust cloud also were pulled down shedding an invaluable amount of dust particles and minerals across the planet from east to west. No doubt on the planet it would look like a long streak appearing in the sky from the larger brighter presence of the comet. As they would recall the locals knew of its approach and had seen it, considering it to be a sign of some sort from their deity Va for good will and guidance.

Josan glanced behind them as the light reflected off the comet caught their attention a moment, they regarded it briefly without word, then returned their attention to Glen and the others. “..If then there is nothing else. I believe this meeting is concluded. I will take your words from earlier to assume you agree to the limitations we request upon the VA station and EP19 as well as any other such stations or planets your Federation may encounter in the future. If you are so agreeable we are also agreeable to continuing contact with your Federation in the future through the station either by communicated FTL signals, or by in person meetings such as this once scheduled..” Josan said.

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