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Posted Sept. 30, 2023, 3:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) (marthese bugeja)

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Cross had just finished her rounds on the few patients that were in sickbay ,once finished she made her way to her office where she slumped on a chair, while covering her face with the palms of both hands.
The CMO was indeed troubled by the information the Captain had sent ,at this point the female doctor wondered why she ever decided to come back. Not only was she not a part of the team when they beamed down among the inhabitants ,Glen had also made it clear he did not want her around during the meeting in the conference room.

In a somber frown she thought about the people who Cross never had the chance to meet except for the little girl .These inhabitant’s had a past,present while thinking about their future .They had families,loved ones and hopes of a better life ,while the abhorred Ascended decided to play Gods destroying and discard them as they pleased .

They meant nothing to them as long as they kept on with their experiments ,how could she be a part of the Federation knowing it would abandon and betray the men,women and children living on this forsaken planet.
Cross felt a sense of disgust and repulsion.

Cross CMO.

From the conference Cross headed back to sickbay,on entering her office she was about to kick the wall in frustration but remembered the shooting pain the last time the doctor did that.

Hunter was behind the desk and could see that Cross was in a foul mood ‘’I suppose it did not go as planned,not that I’m the least surprised ‘’ .

‘’Genocide ! That’s what’s going to take place ‘’ she practically screamed ‘’And there is nothing we can do to stop them ‘’ .Making her way to Hunter’s coffee jar, the male doctor turned around on the chair he was sitting on ‘’ I hope you did not display the mood you’re in now ,don’t fancy having to do all the work in sickbay.... while you know where ‘’.
Cross gave him a look that seemed she was about to psychically attack him and sink her teeth into his neck ‘’You don’t care about them one bit ‘’ she retorted.

Hunter rose from his chair ,his face now a few inches from hers ‘’ How dare you say that to me ,I was down with those people remember ? I saw them working ,caring for their families, spoke to their Elders ‘’ he had never raised his voice before and it took Cross by surprise ‘’I felt the hands of men,women and children as they lined up in front of me to take a sample of their blood ,we finally saw the trust in their eyes towards us ‘’ he now turned away ‘’I would be more then ready to give up my own life to save them ‘’ Hunter strode off but before he excited the office the doctor whispered ‘’ I have a heart as well Cross and right now it feels like it has been shattered in a thousand pieces’‘.

Hunter Dr.

Once Hunter left Cross pressed a button and closed the door ,she just wanted to be alone , at least for the time being reflecting deeply and carefully about the bleak few days which now weight heavily on her both physically and psychologically .It had taken its toll and knowing how detrimental it was she was terrified of undesirable consequences both to the inhabitants and her own self .

Cross never felt so alone as she did now without anyone to talk too . Joe had left and the only person who knew her was Glen but she understood that at the present time the Captain had more then enough on his plate to deal with.

  • What had possessed me to even dare come back * but deep down Cross knew * Cause its the only place I can call home *.

Cross CMO.

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