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Posted Oct. 1, 2023, 3:06 p.m. by Crewman Faith Hopkins (Captain's Yeoman) (David Fergusson)


“Okay!” Kahuna announced as he sat down in the Captain’s Chair, “Reports please! Communications, Navigation, Science! Where are we and how are we doing?”

“The Merrimack remains in a stable orbit of the EP19,” replied Pokorski. “All systems are operating under normal parameters.”

Cara reported, “I’m detecting lifeforms, both on EP19’s surface and underground, so they haven’t been exterminated yet! Shields at maximum. Weapons standing by. We have Impulse and Warp power. Life Support is at optimum levels. All other operating systems within normal parameters… Oh! Sorry, Sir! He said that already…!!”

Also showing up on screen after a while and on scans was the large comet that had originally drawn their attention coming to the planet. As planned on its flight path the comet came within about 500km of the planet’s atmosphere a few chunks of it breaking up and burning up quickly from the planet’s gravitational pull. The flecks that broke off, and the large cometary dust cloud also were pulled down shedding an invaluable amount of dust particles and minerals across the planet from east to west. No doubt on the planet it would look like a long streak appearing in the sky from the larger brighter presence of the comet. As they would recall the locals knew of its approach and had seen it, considering it to be a sign of some sort from their deity Va for good will and guidance. How that would play out was anyone’s guess, though nothing was stopping them if they wanted to drop a small surveillance probe to get close to the native areas to listen/observe their reactions if they wanted. In addition scans of the dust and minerals and ice particles showed they were rich in many different types of common ore as well as H20 and such that would get cycled into the planet’s atmosphere and biome.

“The comet has now reached its closest pass by the planet,” Dariusz Pokorski added.

The comet’s passing took all in all about 30 minutes and soon was on another course from the planet’s shift that would eventually see it burn up in another 5 or so hours nearing the center of the system’s solar body.

Faith had still not left the Bridge. She watched the comet pass across the viewscreen like the rest of the Bridge crew. “Wasn’t it Einstein who said that he was convinced that God does not play dice with the Universe. He said nothing about Gods playing marbles did he?”

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