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Josan regarded Verity, “..And for those lives who evolve and are created as you are and we had been I agree with you. Your choice to also include artificially created life such as the natives below is also your choice, it is not a choice our society believes in currently or previously. Should such ever become a choice we make it will I no doubt assume effect how the VA station’s and their assignment and those lifeforms they created will be handled appropriately. But such is not today I think.” they stated.

Meanwhile behind Josan coming into view out the viewport, was the large comet that had originally drawn their attention to finding the VA station, was coming to the planet. As planned on its flight path the comet came within about 500km of the planet’s atmosphere a few chunks of it breaking up and burning up quickly from the planet’s gravitational pull. The flecks that broke off, and the large cometary dust cloud also were pulled down shedding an invaluable amount of dust particles and minerals across the planet from east to west. No doubt on the planet it would look like a long streak appearing in the sky from the larger brighter presence of the comet. As they would recall the locals knew of its approach and had seen it, considering it to be a sign of some sort from their deity Va for good will and guidance.

Josan glanced behind them as the light reflected off the comet caught their attention a moment, they regarded it briefly without word, then returned their attention to Glen and the others. “..If then there is nothing else. I believe this meeting is concluded. I will take your words from earlier to assume you agree to the limitations we request upon the VA station and EP19 as well as any other such stations or planets your Federation may encounter in the future. If you are so agreeable we are also agreeable to continuing contact with your Federation in the future through the station either by communicated FTL signals, or by in person meetings such as this once scheduled..” Josan said.

There was absolutely nothing more for them to say that would make any difference. Glen didn’t answer the question about future contact. He would prefer to leave that as an option and to push the decision higher up the food chain to be made by the pen-pushing Commodores, Admirals and Ambassadors who made this kind of diplomatic wrangling their whole careers. Glen had heard quite enough for one day. However, there was still one unanswered question that he was curious about.

“Just one more thing?” Glen asked, in the style of a unconventional twentieth-century detective. “There’s something that bothers me. Well, it’s these comets that your Experimental Station has been diverting, and then Warping into this system, for apparently the last hundreds or thousands of years. Why have you been doing that? What is the purpose?”

Josan glanced back out the view port where the comet was slowly now leaving the planet’s orbital sphere of influence. “..They are one of the methods that the VA station uses to introduce minerals, and other similar things when needed for biome adjustment on the planet below for future experiment preparations. It is a far easier use of its resources to modify a comet in the system or near it and launch it via FTL to here then to send remote drone launches on resources..” Josan said.

“So the comets are chemically modified first?” Glen remained a little puzzled. He remembered now that the VA station had said something similar, but that didn’t explain it completely. “Comets are mostly cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock, and dust, but you have no control over their actual chemical content if you simply pick them at random. So, you add the mineral cocktail that you require to be introduced to the comet after its capture?”

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”..That is correct yes, Captain Glen..” Josan stated. “..Any impurities or unwanted chemical additions from the comet before modifications are filtered out before the additions are added..”

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