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“Just one more thing?” Glen asked, in the style of a unconventional twentieth-century detective. “There’s something that bothers me. Well, it’s these comets that your Experimental Station has been diverting, and then Warping into this system, for apparently the last hundreds or thousands of years. Why have you been doing that? What is the purpose?”

Josan glanced back out the view port where the comet was slowly now leaving the planet’s orbital sphere of influence. “..They are one of the methods that the VA station uses to introduce minerals, and other similar things when needed for biome adjustment on the planet below for future experiment preparations. It is a far easier use of its resources to modify a comet in the system or near it and launch it via FTL to here then to send remote drone launches on resources..” Josan said.

“So the comets are chemically modified first?” Glen remained a little puzzled. He remembered now that the VA station had said something similar, but that didn’t explain it completely. “Comets are mostly cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock, and dust, but you have no control over their actual chemical content if you simply pick them at random. So, you add the mineral cocktail that you require to be introduced to the comet after its capture?”

”..That is correct yes, Captain Glen..” Josan stated. “..Any impurities or unwanted chemical additions from the comet before modifications are filtered out before the additions are added..”

“I see! Well, thank you for explaining that, and I do appreciate the time you have taken to speak to us and to give us the opportunity for you to have heard our voice,” Glen said. “You have certainly given us much to think about. As you mentioned earlier Josan, while our mission to EP19 is not quite as fruitful or complete as Starfleet would have expected from us, given what we have now discovered, decisions about any future actions or meetings will need to be passed up the chain of command. So, we will conclude this meeting now and my apologies for it taking longer than scheduled.”

  • Glen, CO

”..It is quite alright Captain Glen. I shall alert our VA station for EP19 and others elsewhere to be alert for your Federation and the other Ascended of our discussions here and tentatively agreement for the status of EP19’s inhabitants. May your continued journeys among the stars be ever fruitful..” Josan said, then without anything further they shown brightly as a bright light and then energy form before whisking from existence back to their plane of ascension.

With this it seems their mission was concluded, they would have to return the scrolls and probably cook up a quick slight lie if they no longer wished to do the dilthium trade or they could press on with it within the bounds of the agreement they talked with to Josan. Either way the final choices would be with the higher ups as Glen had said. Once they had this handled they could set course back to Deep Space K-5 for their next assignment.

OOC: End Sim! Hope you all enjoyed. I know I got some comments on the ending here that we led too but I hope you all understand that for me on a creative side of story telling as GM I feel a mission that always has a happy ending is boring and less fun for me as GM at times (not to say i wont do them usually but change of pace is nice) I also want to akin that the ending here is similar to that which the federation and klingons got forced on them by the Oregonians and arguably at times Picard by Q (say like the first run in with the Borg and picard having to humble himself asking for Q’s help etc). Sometimes as these story say you the players/the Federation in universe find out you aint the top dogs ;) next sim I promise will be more down to earth with how it’ll end, but thats for all future yous to discover :) for now R&R/side sim for time table for any such references assume its about 3 weeks or so between this sims end and the next starts. I’ll get cooking on the plot shortly!

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