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I have been extremely busy. Work has been kicking my butt and we are working on packing to try and sell our house. I am going to try and follow up on posting either today or tomorrow but I need to find where I can hop back in.


OOC : The main sim has now ended ,so you can either put a post where you are in the Lounge (Hunter has joined in )or head to your dept …hope this helps.

To all: Yes, the main sim has now finished, and the next will start in about 3 weeks time, as per the Roach’s post.

We’ll need to start some self-Sims to get people posting again. I will have a think myself, but if anyone has an idea to keep us occupied I will certainly try to join in. I know that the posting last month has been slow and that we now have a few long AWOLs. I will be following up on those. I’ve had some continuing medical issues and I may not be able to post frequently in the next few weeks, but I’ll always try to post within the limits, or else post a LOA. (I have a hand op scheduled later this week, and if I can post with one hand then I don’t really see what excuse anyone else has not to, at the very least, post an LOA. )

  • Dave

Hope you feel better Dave! FYI for anyone who has hand or such problems posting one thing I found to help somewhat when I had my right shoulder busted up a few months back was use MS Word or a similar program on desktop (I assume likely mobile versions have it too?) using the dictation function of speech to text. Then simply doing a little proof reading fix up one handed makes it tons easier to then copy paste it as needed into a post.

Hope this helps anyone! As your resident IT nerd cockroach if you need help and i’m free feel free to ask me and i’ll help if I can.

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