Posted Nov. 24, 2023, 11:26 a.m. by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) (marthese bugeja)

Posted by Lieutenant Cameron McDuff (Chief Of Security) in Sickbay

Posted by Lieutenant Miriam Cross (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay
Cross entered sickbay on cloud nine for Joe did make it clear he was willing to go on with their relationship. On entering her office the female doctor sat down and started working on the roaster . Though the ship had arrived at their destination, for now at least everything seem to be in order yet she knew that any stability would change by an authoritative command or instruction.

Cross CMO.

As Cross sat at her desk, the door chime sounded. Waiting at the other side was Lieutenant McDuff waiting to follow up about what he had mentioned on the space station.

Lieutenant Cameron McDuff - COS

‘’Enter’‘ Cross said looking up to see the COS ‘’Lt Cameron what brings you to my humble office ,please take a seat ‘’ she gestured towards a vacant chair .The female doctor seemed to be in good spirits …at least for now.

Cross CMO.

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