First day in the labs - Checking in ISO the CSO

Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 5:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Lance Malone (Xenobiologist) (Andrea Roe)

Lance had struggled to wake up this ‘morning’, space time was not his thing. He liked having differentiated day and night, light, get up do the stuff, dark, stop doing the stuff and sleep. Starships had fake day and fake night and his brain knew they were fake and was not comfortable. He hoped his brain would get over itself soon and adapt to it. If it didn’t he had no idea what he would do. So on top of first day nerves lance was tired.

He had clocked where the labs were on his first day abord when he went for his medical, it was better than getting lost and turning up late for his first duty. He’d done that several times in the past and it never went down well. Especially with his last supervisor, who had been an absolute arse with zero sense of humour. Which given that Lance and Cora the other Xenobiologist on the team had way too much humour between them had caused problems. He was sure that’s why he had suddenly found himself on a space draft.

Lance hoped for three things from this posting, that his supervisor had even the tinyest amount of personality, that he himself wouldn’t do dumb things, and that there was going to be loads of interesting things to study and that maybe he could make a big discovery, or even a small one he wasn’y greedy.

He entered the lab and smiled, it didn’t matter where he was whenever he entered a new lab he got a wave of excitement and utter joy. He tried his best not to bounce across the room to his new bosses desk, he had briefly met him and whilst he couldn’t remember his name (thank the stars that superior officers liked to be called Sir instead) as he was notoriously bad with names, he did recongise him, what he lacked in remembering names he made up for in recognising faces and voices.

“Lt Lance Malone reporting for duty, Sir” he said handing over his padd with his tranfer details on over to his new boss


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