The Fantail Dragon

Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 7:44 a.m. by Civilian Joe Milligan (Bartender) (Bob Spicer)

After Miranda’s visit Joe had gone about with all the final touches to make the place presentable. One of which beside the drink bar was actual food. Joe had brought a nice supply with him. Along with this he had had three non-flame cookers. He was finally ready to t open the place up formally in the next few hours. After he had everything plugged in, polished and ready to go Joe placed the open sign up.

Now Open the Fantail Dragon mixed drinks cocktails, and beers. Fresh food: Tonight's offering, Beer battered fish, home fried potatoes and salad. Joe being all set up sat and waited lest someone should notice the place on his first opening and decide to stop in. He sat at the bar sipping a cranapple juice and reading the latest news.

Joe Milligan Bar Tender / Counselor

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