The Fantail Dragon

Posted Nov. 29, 2023, 9:19 p.m. by Civilian Joe Milligan (Bartender) (Bob Spicer)

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After Miranda’s visit Joe had gone about with all the final touches to make the place presentable. One of which beside the drink bar was actual food. Joe had brought a nice supply with him. Along with this he had had three non-flame cookers. He was finally ready to t open the place up formally in the next few hours. After he had everything plugged in, polished and ready to go Joe placed the open sign up.

Now Open the Fantail Dragon mixed drinks cocktails, and beers. Fresh food: Tonight's offering, Beer battered fish, home fried potatoes and salad.

Joe being all set up sat and waited lest someone should notice the place on his first opening and decide to stop in. He sat at the bar sipping a cranapple juice and reading the latest news.

Ade had heard about the changes at the Fantail Lounge… er, Fantail Dragon. He hadn’t made it to the Green Dragon on Deep Space - K5 as he had been too involved in a big Poker game with the Auditors Department down on the lower levels of the station. he regretted that now, as from what he had heard, it sounded like a good night. So, he was very interested in what Joe had made of the old Lounge on the limited budget the Captain would have given him.

When he arrived he initially couldn’t see anyone else there yet, then he saw Joe at the bar with a drink. Ah! Well! If Joe has a drink then it must be open, he thought.

“I wouldn’t want to see you have to drink alone!” Ade told Joe.

  • Ade, Ship’s Dentist

With both Cross and Hunter busy with the physical evaluation of the new recruits she left sickbay and made her way to Fantail dragon ‘’Hi guys ‘’ she greeted both the dentist and Joe ‘’Have you settled in?’‘ she asked sitting at the bar.

The nursing officer was feeling quiet relaxed and in an - easy going mood ‘’ Ah’‘ she sighed ‘’ Those two are as toxins as the suppose gases in the nebula ‘’ . Taking hold of the dentist’s hand in hers Kate smiled and asked how he was , while politely telling Joe for a glass of lemon juice.

Kate N.O

Joe having already greeted the dentist just minutes before waved to Miri and Kate as they entered. “Good evening to you all! Joe getting Miri her juice as he spoke asked Kate . “And what will it be for you Kate? Water, Juice? Something to make life better? A bit of a fish dinner perhaps?”

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