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“Thank you, but can you detect if a stone is in use? And if its properly grounded?” Jasper inquired more of the orb. Jasper continued to scan the area with the tricorder. But given the orb his attention during this late series of questions. “Does anyone in our team show sighs of creator’s DNA? Even remotely?” Jasper asked the orb another question. He was now feeling a bit nosey now and felt bad now. “Sorry for all the questions.” Jasper said with a soft voice. As he stood there.

Tinga turned to Jasper, nodded, and smiled, the movement of her antennae conveying a positive response. The question about creator DNA was very insightful.

=/\= The stone is in standby mode currently last operation was due to two malfunctions in the statis field resulting in errant reality alterations within this system. The field issues have since been corrected. =/\= The Orb said to the first question.

=/\= If the stone were properly grounded and charged the user could alter reality to their whim for study or travel. But without the use of the three stations and the solar body within this system power demands for powering and grounding the Crystal would be astronomical. =/\= It said to the second question.

=/\= No one among your party holds Creator DNA, though this would not stop you from using the Stone if you wished it simply must remain grounded and powered while one of you used it. Obviously authorization from Creator’s in the control station around this system’s solar body would also need to be gained. =/\= It said to the third question.

=/\= It is quite alright that you ask questions, such is how one learns and is a staple of the Creators themselves to learn and grow. Hence why the Stone was first made. =/\= It said to the off hand end comment about questions.

Glen made to Tinga =/\= Tinga, continue with this line of questioning. I’m trying to buy you some time but the Orion’s have a fleet of ships here. I can’t prevent them coming down to the planet. Your safety is more important than this information, so don’t stay too long that you can’t leave. We may be attacked and be forced to withdraw at very short notice. If so, meet us in the shuttle at the planet’s 2nd Lagrangian point. Glen out! =/\=

-Glen, CO

GM CockRoach

=^=Acknowledged sir. I will try to see if we can come to a logical end point.=^= she said quickly.

Tinga glanced at Jasper.

“Continue, but keep it to the point. Captain Glen can’t hold off the Orions forever.” she said.

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Jasper lost his train of thought as he drew blanks now. “Do you have defenses? ” Jasper inquired. Hoping that the pyramids have a way to defend itself from the enemy vessel. As he tried to remember what his other questions were.

Ensign Jasper Ericson - Jo Engineer

=/\= This facility has internal defenses online at all times. External defenses however have not bore the passage of time as well and our currently offline. However, in ages and realities past the Creators have been known to use the Creator Stone as a means of personal defense from many threats. Given their past three instances of doing so historically the pattern holds they could do so again here, unless they have a reason not too. =/\= The Orb said.

NE Smith spoke up, “..Uh sirs? Maybe we should just go get this stone three levels down? Maybe just having it will give us ideas of what to do to keep it from the Orions..”

GM CockRoach

Tinga realized that sometimes Ensigns had perfectly good ideas.

“Lead on Smith. Jasper, come with me. I don’t want us to be separated at the moment.”

She turned tot he orb and spoke.

“Thank you for all of your information. We may yet return.”

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