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=/\= This facility has internal defenses online at all times. External defenses however have not bore the passage of time as well and our currently offline. However, in ages and realities past the Creators have been known to use the Creator Stone as a means of personal defense from many threats. Given their past three instances of doing so historically the pattern holds they could do so again here, unless they have a reason not too. =/\= The Orb said.

NE Smith spoke up, “..Uh sirs? Maybe we should just go get this stone three levels down? Maybe just having it will give us ideas of what to do to keep it from the Orions..”

Tinga realized that sometimes Ensigns had perfectly good ideas.

“Lead on Smith. Jasper, come with me. I don’t want us to be separated at the moment.”

She turned to the orb and spoke.

“Thank you for all of your information. We may yet return.”

“I was going to recommend I try and restore the defense systems but as you wish sir!” Jasper sighed with disappointment. as he followed behind the others as they made there way down.

Following along NE Smith lead the way down the three levels and then the team emerged into a blue colored long hallway that lead likely across much of the central area of the giant pyramid. As they reached another pair of large black stone doors they slid open this time revealing a square shaped 30x30ft room. The edges were lined with some sort of power generators with large heavy power relays and pipes rising up into the ceiling and the floor. Thick strands also crossed the ceiling arcing down on a triangle platform where floating in a suspended forcefield was a small fist sized Crystal, presumably the Creator Stone mentioned before.

Next to the door another Orb came alight. =/\= Greetings visitors, I am Crystal Guardian 3A, you have the pleasure of being the first non-Creators to bare witness to this wonderous room. How may I assist you? =/\= It asked

Glen made to the landing party, =/\= Tinga, have Jasper ask the stone his question now, ‘how can we repair the planetary defences to protect the stone from the raiders coming to take it away/’ =/\=

=/\= I meant ask the stone-crystal guardian. Sorry, it’s a little hectic up here! =/\= added Glen, though in his slip of the tongue, maybe he had accidentally fallen upon the solution itself?

There was a pause, then Glen made one further reply to Tinga, =/\= Tinga, William suggests another tack. Ask the crystal guardian if the creators, or yourselves, can use the properties of the stone itself to fix the planetary defences. =/\=

-Glen, CO

Jasper turned to the orb. “Can I help in fixing the planetary defenses? Can you show us how to use the stone to fix the defenses? Jasper asked quickly.

Ensign Jasper Ericson - Jo Engineer

Tinga’s antennae twitched.

=^=A step ahead of you sir.=^= she relayed.

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