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Posted Dec. 27, 2019, 1:02 a.m. by Lieutenant Tinga (Communications) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) in Main Sim - Orb Pyramid - The Orb!!

“Honestly I don’t think anybody is. Jasper, you’re the Engineer, you might get this done faster.” Tinga said.

She was very eager to do it herself but had learned to delegate over the years.

Jasper took the stone and started to concentrate on the repairs of the defenses of the orb complex. He was not going to debate any of the issues to the com officer or the others in the party since they did make a logical decision on the right person for the repairs. He let his mind go blank and just focused on the repairs that needed to be done to help the ship in their predicament and theirs as well. He let nothing distract him from his new task of repairs.

As Jasper took hold of the Stone a tingling feeling zapped through his whole body causing him to go ridged like a stone statue. It wasn’t painful exactly just more a jolt that he couldn’t control. Then the sense of his mind merging as with millions or billions of others entered his realization. The scary or stunning aspect of this was he could tell they were all like his all with a similar goal in some shape or form of repairing the system’s defense measures. Some were doing so for selfish or evil reasons, others for upstanding and just reasons, and others for just the prospect of doing it. All spectrums of morality and thought were passing through his mind and in turn theirs. Clearly his consciousness was touching upon the iceberg tip of millions upon billions of realities. Navigating this myriad of realization was impossible though his mind just didn’t have the know how on how to do this. It was undoubtedly how the Creators lived their lives flitting from Reality to Reality but such would be impossible for Jasper.

To Tinga observing she would see Jasper’s body lift a foot or so off the ground, his eyes white and clear as glass, alight with some unknowable power. His body stiff as stone and bent a bit back at a slightly uncomfortable angle.

Then as quick as it began Jasper’s body would relax and land lightly on the ground once more as the Orb nearby spoke. =/\= System defenses are online defining enemy parameters. The Creators thank you for the aide given their current state of being is out of full planar touch with this reality state. They would suggest you return to your ship and depart as once this system is clear they plan to reality shunt to continue their explorations. =/\= It said.

GM CockRoach

A communication came from the Bridge =/\= Tinga, before you leave ask them how we can continue to communicate with them. Tell them, how we are a peaceful Federation of many different species who mean no harm to any life-forms, and who come seeking only friendship. and to demonstrate goodwill. Tell them that our starships explore the excitement of strange new worlds, uncharted civilisations, and exotic people. =/\=

  • Glen, CO

Well Captain, there’s no time for such a soliloquy but, if you insist…

Tinga smiled and pushed the snarky thought away.

=^=The comms have been open, I believe our host has heard you. So we’re going to prepare to depart.=^= she stated glancing back at Jasper and the orb.

  • Tinga, Comms

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