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Glen replied to NE Chang =/\= Dr. Grunch is making his was to your location from Sickbay. He should be with you soon. Can you tell us which way Ginger went? Our internal sensors are on the blink. =/\=

Just after Glen had spoke another call came in from deck 10 near the ship’s Botanical lab. =/\= NE Verry to bridge! We got an intruder giant cat down here! Its chasing several other NE’s around like we’re chew toys! We need security! Oh god it’s coming! =/\= Verry said before the sound of growling and the NE screaming closed the comm with the sound of crashing equipment.

“Hal,” Glen instructed, “Let’s get some security down to deck 10. Phasers set on stun. Find out who is still using the turbolift and by Finagle, I’ll have him demoted yet. Set up some mobile force-fields to corner and keep the cat on that deck. Let Dr. Grunch know there will be further casualties.”

“On it, Sir,” Hal replied.

=/\= Security. All available units, converge on Deck 10. Botanical Lab. Set phasers to stun. I’m enroute from the bridge. =/\=

With that, he left the bridge.and headed to the Botanical lab.

Meanwhile the battle outside the ship still raged in the distance. The Klingons were slowly but surely angling into getting the upper hand among the Wanderers attacking them, Andone was bringing down the pain on Tha’nos’s ship and his escort, and the Avenger though leaking now drive plasma from a nacelle again like before from a stray disruptor strike was still in the game ducking from front to front of combat. The Merrimack meanwhile sat at station around the class-m planet observing all this while the tiger Ginger waged a war of its own inside the ship.

The question remained if the away team could settle things planet side to defend the Creator Stone.

On sensors were was a sudden spike in energy across the system. First centered around the planet they were orbiting then across the whole system. The energy spikes got so brilliant it brought a halt to the fighting around the system and even briefly overloaded everyone’s sensors requiring a reboot of the systems in question. Once things came back online it could be seen from the sunward side of the system mass energy pulses of silver shoot out in streaks tearing through all the Orion ships one by one causing them each to vanish as if they were never there, whether destroyed or something else was a mystery. In a matter of moments silence from the combat reigned across the system, and the bright energy pulses faded away.

Glen was still watching events by way of a split screen; one view of the space battle and one of the landing party down below. He made a communication to the team from the Bridge =/\= Tinga, before you leave ask them how we can continue to communicate with them. Tell them, how we are a peaceful Federation of many different species who mean no harm to any life-forms, and who come seeking only friendship. and to demonstrate goodwill. Tell them that our starships explore the excitement of strange new worlds, uncharted civilisations, and exotic people. =/\=

Chatter immediately came from both Klingon and Romulan fleets between each other, followed by urgent hails to the Starfleet ships demanding (in the case of the Klingons) or firmly requesting (in the case of the Romulans) just what had happened.

GM CockRoach

=^=The comms have been open, I believe our host has heard you. So we’re going to prepare to depart.=^= she stated glancing back at Jasper and the orb.

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