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Two hours later.

As requested by the Captain, Faith had found Daniel some clothing and shoes that fitted him and modest sized quarters on deck 3. Having house guests was always an odd situation. You give them something to do, and expect them to carry on doing that until you suggest something else instead. Faith hoped that Daniel wouldn’t wander, and Captain Glen had ordered security to stand outside his door, but he would be curious. Faith wondered how long he would be staying. As Benjamin Franklin once said, all visitors, like fish, begin to stink after being left for three days.

She then began preparing conference room B for a meeting. She had no idea what would be required, so she made sure everything and anything could be made available at short notice.

Glen arrived at the Conference Room first. He dismissed Faith and sat at the head of the table. He had managed to put aside his memories of their encounter with the Ancients. He was as curious as everyone else about Daniel. At the allotted time, people started arriving for the meeting.

It was a bit later at the indicated time when security brought Daniel into the Conference Room B. Now wearing a simple bare of grey pants and long shirt that Faith had given him. The grey tones set a odd outline to the orange-tan skin tone he had. During the time before this meeting Daniel had not left the quarters given him, nor tried to wander. But if anyone from security had checked he had made basic computer access into the ship’s public logs reading up on simple historical events from the past 150 odd years of Earth Starfleet and then the Federation. It seems he was quite the speedy reader as he had devoured the articles he could access over that span of time for at least 20 of those 150 years. No where did he try to access restricted records or such, so no security concerns could be raised. In many ways his reviewing of history was like an eager to learn child wanting to learn all it could.

Once in the room, Daniel took a seat at the 3rd chair on the right hand side of the table. He had gotten a green apple to snack on and a glass of chilled ice water to drink.

Glen smiled at Daniel. “You’ve been accessing the Library Computer for records of Earth and Starfleet history,” Glen said. “When everyone has arrived you must tell us what you learnt.”

-Glen, CO

William arrived with his nose deep practically buried into his PaDD as he typed away furiously. He was still writing down his thoughts on the matter and for the last two hours had been driving his staff mad with his inane mumbling and occational yelling at inanimate objects. So far he only had theories but hopefully he would learn more from this Daniel the Captain seemed to know.


Kord entered the conference room nodding to Glen.

Kord was suspicious but he didn’t let it show. Their past interractions with the ancients had always been a harbinger to trouble.

  • Kord, XO

Grunch had came in with everyone else and sat down to take in whatever crazyness they all were about to get into


Hal finally made it to the conference room. He apologized. “Sorry,” he said. “I’ve been distracted early by some pressing security concerns of mine, that required my personal attention.”


Tinga walked in after Hal and just happened to take the seat across form someone she’d never met before.

Tipping her antennae slightly in greeting she settled in and prepared for the meeting.

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