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Turning to regard Glen, Daniel spoke once more. “..If you would allow me Captain. I am curious on one matter, something we both share in a fashion. As you may recall the Ancients placed you and your crew at the time on trial due to allegations of temporal manipulations. I know from reviewing the trials notes and recordings you felt slighted in your understanding of temporal mechanics as you knew them that you had done nothing wrong. Thankfully from the trial your defense counselor had presented the evidence as you knew it to prove you and your crew’s innocents. Thus allowing you to prove your intentions as non-hostile as had been painted by your temporal doubles as being morally just in closing the tear in temporal reality. I’m curious if your feelings have changed on this matter?” He said.

Glen considered the question before replying, “We were totally innocent, and that verdict of innocence was correct. However, since then we have been the subject of further temporal manipulations, and I realise now that we were being rather naive. We were never the cause of the temporal changes that have involved us, at least never deliberately, but we have changed timelines through them, and so my feelings on this matter have changed since then, yes. It appears that in the future, everyone is changing timelines - some for nefarious reasons, some to save planets, some because they believe they are making the universe better, some to reverse changes made by others, some to put right what once went wrong. In actual fact, due to quantum entanglement it is impossible for our actions not to have some kind of ripple effect upon the fabric of space-time. We do it all the time; when we have a change of heart, a change of intention, a change of mind-set or belief. So, I now believe that if others can alter shifting timelines to their own advantage then there is nothing wrong if we do so a little bit too.”

Glen took a sip of water and continued. “But you asked me earlier, why our superiors feel a need to suppress knowledge of time travel. Time travel machines have not yet been invented at this point in history. There have been documented occurrences obviously, but officially, the flow of time is seen as irreversible, and the future and past cannot be shaped. Officially speaking, time travel is deemed impossible by the Vulcan Science Directorate. If ordinary people were to know that alterations to historical events were possible, to cause, among other things, alternate timelines and realities, then our whole society would need to change overnight. Our Federation government would, no doubt, set up some department tasked with ensuring that time travel events which occurred under Federation jurisdiction were handled within guidelines, that they would establish, to prevent contamination of the ‘true’ timeline. For the time being, it is much easier to pretend that it is impossible.”

Kord was impressed with Glens response. The young races always had people that could show great insight.

Hal rubbed his temples. “Time travel gives me a headache, Sir,” he complained. “Especially when dealing with time travellers who have wish granting powers. Power without limit.”

Glen said, “I guess we move on to the next question now, and I think that it is the question that we would all like to know, ‘Why exactly have you come here?’ You wish to learn and study, that is quite obvious, but you already share my memories, so you already know everything about humans. We already have a relationship, you and I, and while I feel some connection to you, it is not one of family, nor will it ever that. My experience with your people was very traumatic, and it does not engender me to you, nor do I have any other secrets that the Ancients did not already forcibly rip from out of me that I could give to you. In Starfleet, we are also curious about the galaxy and wish to travel, but we have a mission statement. It goes, ‘to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.’ Your mission statement must be more like, ‘lather, rinse and repeat, the same old, same old thing.’ Which is why, when I also discover that you have downloaded the last few hundred years of Earth and Starfleet history, I am more than a little puzzled of the reason why. Curiosity is one thing, but such detailed research suggests more hawkish reasons.”

-Glen, CO

Tinga had been listening intently to the conversation and studying the intonation and body language of Daniel and Captain Glen.

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