Main Sim - Conference Room B, Deck 3 - Look who's coming to dinner

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“Of course you must understand that under the circumstances of the events of our past, you will be under some form of observation at all times. A precaution so to speak.” Kord pointed out in a matter of fact tone.

“Perhaps an armed guard detail, Sir?” Hal offered. “Also monitoring thru our internal security system would be in order.”

“My officers are correct,” Glen added, “I cannot give you the freedom of the ship. I’m still going to be suspicious of your motives to some degree, because of our previous experiences. What I meant was that we all want to live out our normal lives, but it does appear that since that very first time travel, this ship has been enchanted with something undesirable. None of us wish the Merrimack to be remembered as some freak ship, or worse, the ship that causes some temporal anomaly leading to the destruction of the universe as we know it. If your mission is really to rid the ship of this enchantment, and believe me, to us the science is so advanced that it does seem like magic, then you will have our full support.”

”..If that is your desire and wish I won’t protest against it. I do understand why it is needed though and as I mentioned earlier possibly a prudent call in case future based factors were to come into play..” Daniel said.

Glen looked at the clock. He had suddenly begun to feel quite tired, and yet this meeting had only lasted about twenty minutes. He was also sweating. The air conditioning obviously needed some adjustment.

William looked at the Captain and noticed the sweating, adding it to his several mental notes he continued writing down his shorthand of the conversation as it took place. All the military talk was dull but the tidbits about Temporal navigation, interference and the like was very interesting, all in all this was starting to seem like an interesting mission.

Glen looked at the clock again, his tiredness was now turning into a severe headache. He should really have seen Doctor Grunch for that medical check-up last week, and not avoided him. Glen thought he should see him for a shot of aspirin, but first he needed to get out of the heat in this room.

“Well, this might be a good time to take a comfort break,” Glen announced. “Let’s take a short recess. There is tea, coffee and biscuits available at the back of the room. We’ll resume the meeting again in fifteen minutes. I promise that everyone will get their chance to ask their questions. Please discuss what we have learned.”

Daniel inclined his head, “..A lot has been covered for sure. A break would not be uncalled for. I will remain here until you all return then for us to then answer any further questions you or your staff may have before we get to work on your ship and crew..” He said.

Hal nodded, stood up, and headed to the back of the room. There, he helped himself to some coffee. With a few biscuits.

Glen wasn’t really interested in what Daniel thought about his idea of a short recess. It might not be necessary for explaining Daniel’s elaborate plans, but Glen just needed to get out of the heat in this room as quickly as possible. He left the conference room without saying any more and he went directly to the nearest restroom on Deck 3. Glen ached in muscles all over his body. In the restroom, he found a sink with a mirror close to the door. He washed his face and hands, and he splashed water over his head. The cooling effect of the water was soothing but he noticed that his nose had begun to bleed. Glen took a tissue and wiped the blood from his nose. He could also taste blood in his mouth. When he opened his mouth he could see in the mirror that his gums were also bleeding, and that he had mild conjunctivitis. This was obviously a little more serious that a headache, so he thought that he should leave the restroom to return to the conference room, and to find Doctor Grunch.

-Glen, CO

Tinga hadn’t actually noticed a break had been called in the meeting until she wrote it down. She was keeping a record of this written in highly complex Andorian which she would turn over to anybody who wished it but was mostly for her own educational purposes.

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