Main Sim - Conference Room B, Deck 3 - Look who's coming to dinner

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Glen wasn’t really interested in what Daniel thought about his idea of a short recess. It might not be necessary for explaining Daniel’s elaborate plans, but Glen just needed to get out of the heat in this room as quickly as possible. He left the conference room without saying any more and he went directly to the nearest restroom on Deck 3. Glen ached in muscles all over his body. In the restroom, he found a sink with a mirror close to the door. He washed his face and hands, and he splashed water over his head. The cooling effect of the water was soothing but he noticed that his nose had begun to bleed. Glen took a tissue and wiped the blood from his nose. He could also taste blood in his mouth. When he opened his mouth he could see in the mirror that his gums were also bleeding, and that he had mild conjunctivitis. This was obviously a little more serious that a headache, so he thought that he should leave the restroom to return to the conference room, and to find Doctor Grunch.

Tinga hadn’t actually noticed a break had been called in the meeting until she wrote it down. She was keeping a record of this written in highly complex Andorian which she would turn over to anybody who wished it but was mostly for her own educational purposes.

Kord had seen Glen leave and noticed he was looking distressed.

Finding the Doctor, Kord leaned in close for privacy.

“Doctor, I think the Captain isn’t feeling well. Would you check on him?

Glen found that as he walked back down the corridor his chest became tighter and his breathing more laboured. Then it just became too much and he blacked out. He was unconscious before he even hit the floor.

-Glen, CO

Tia came rushing around the corner at a slight jog just in time to see the Captain hit the floor. Rushing to his side she smacked her comm badge. =^=Tia to Medical. The Captain just passed out. Need immediate attention outside Conference room B, Deck 3!=^=

She then hit it once more. =^=Tia to Kord… I’m outside Conference room B…=^= She bit her lip wondering how much to say, unsure who else was around the XO. She erred on the side of discretion. =^=You are needed immediately… please....=^= The final word had the ring of a more personal emergency request and a bit more feeling that the rest of her transmission. It wasn’t a tone he would have only heard a time or two from her, if at all.

Tia CE

Grunch had been sitting quite the whole meeting and the moment the Captain went down he moved over and started taking a scan to figure out what was going on “What the hell is going on…” he growled annoyed at how crazy things were on this freaking ship


William had still been inside writing down his notes when he heard the commotion outside and ran out to see what was going on. With the swift arrival of the Doctor he took a step back and observed the events as they unfolded.


Daniel too came out from the conference room to observe what was going on. “..What has occurred with your Captain?” He inquired.

GM CockRoach

Kord gracefully bowed out of the conference room with Daniel.

It didn’t take long for Kord to get there.

“How long has he been unconscious?” Kord asked as he knelt down to examine Glen.

  • Kord, XO

Tinga arrived behind the XO and watched the proceedings anxiously.

  • Tinga

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