Main Sim - Conference Room B, Deck 3 - Look who's coming to dinner

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“Get him to sickbay.” Kord said, “We don’t need him becoming a spectacle.”

Grunch’s initial scans of the Captain’s state showed he had a high fever and was going into some form of shock. Following Kord’s orders and getting him down to sickbay would be a wise idea.

Kord was concerned for his friend, they’d been through so much together. He hoped for a recovery soon.

“Daniel. Let’s return to the conference room.”

  • Kord, XO

”..Of course Commander..” Daniel replied.

“I’d say that anyone not helping the captain should return to the conference room, Sir,” Hal offered. “I’d also like to assign one of my security officers to keep a guard on him. Just in case.”


GM CockRoach

Grunch always carried a communicator on him just encase of this type of emergency =^=”Grunch to sickbay I need a Team up here now with A stretcher Medical Emergency outside the Conference room!” he ordered in his gruff manner


A moment later two NE’s with a stretcher arrived and carefully loaded the Captain up onto it. At Grunch’s direction the trio left returning to Sickbay.

Tia had slid back to stand against the wall once the Doc and XO had shown up. She watched the look of concern go over the XO and knew tonight’s dinner with him would be a somber affair. She stepped sideways to let most of the onlookers return to the conference room. When the hall was nearly empty, she glanced at Kord. “Anything I need to catch up on, Sir? Sorry I’m late.” She’d explain later, but wanted to pull his attention from his superior, and friend, so things could move along. The weight of eternity was almost a tangible thing on his shoulders and she felt it in her heart for his pain.

Tia CE

Kord shook his head. “Nothing you can’t catch up on if you come back into the conference room with us.”

Kord held his hand out to Tia.

  • Kord, XO

Daniel nodded a bit once the CO was out of the way and on his way to Sickbay. He then returned to the conference room with Kord and the others.

GM CockRoach

Tia smiled and took his hand, though she let it drop once they entered the conf room and she moved to her seat. “Well… that was exciting. Hope he’s ok…” Despite her closeness to the XO, the CO was also someone she looked to as a mentor and it troubled her to see him so vulnerable.


Tinga had ignored the display of closeness between Tia and Kord as she walked into the conference room and sat down again. In Andorian society, women were quite often the aggressors in mating. Tinga had no idea regarding the status of Tia and Kord’s relationship but that gesture warned Tinga to stay away if she had been interested at all.

  • Tinga, Comms

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