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Tia smiled and took his hand, though she let it drop once they entered the conf room and she moved to her seat. “Well… that was exciting. Hope he’s ok…” Despite her closeness to the XO, the CO was also someone she looked to as a mentor and it troubled her to see him so vulnerable.

Tia CE

Tinga had ignored the display of closeness between Tia and Kord as she walked into the conference room and sat down again. In Andorian society, women were quite often the aggressors in mating. Tinga had no idea regarding the status of Tia and Kord’s relationship but that gesture warned Tinga to stay away if she had been interested at all.

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Hal returned to his coffee in the conference room. He was concerned for his captain. But he tried not to let that show.


“Does anyone have any questions for Daniel?” Kord asked after taking the position standing before Glen’s chair in the conference room.

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Figuring to get caught up later, Tia decided to remain silent. At this point, asking everyone to start over was wrong, and unprofessional. She did smile and nod to the rest in the folks around the table.

Tia CE

Daniel spoke up, “..If there is no further questions I might suggest we focus on creating the materials we need to seal the flucations in temporal space time that the Merrimack is putting off. Hence my reason for being here..” He said.

GM CockRoach

William nodded “What do we need to manufacture these materials exactly?” He asked, creating a new list both mentally and in his PaDD “And how difficult will it be?”


”..Most of what you will need is common industrial metals and cabling you’ll find familiar to this time period. The biggest problem will be the power demands which will need tapping into your warp core in time to achieve and could cause some damage once we are done..” Daniel explained.

Hal asked. “And you can’t use your considerably advanced abilities to create these yourself? Or to fix whatever’s wrong with our Captain?”


”..I am using my abilities to help you create these materials sir, I came with what I arrived in to bring forward everything I would need to whisk away your problem would have meant a larger power draw in the temporal shifts. Something which wasn’t viable at the time for me. Plus there is the matter for this to work properly the solution and power needs to come from your own ship and time period. As for what is wrong with your Captain I have no clue what happened there, medical science is not my strong suit..” Daniel said.

“You’ll have to get together with engineering and science. I’m sure they can proved whatever we need one way or another.” Kord said.

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”..Agreed, if there is nothing else we should disperse so I can meet with your departments to get to work, time is likely of the essence..” Daniel said.

GM CockRoach

Tinga had been watching Daniel’s body language and microexpressions in case the Captain or XO wanted a report on the matter.

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