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Stepping onto the bridge, Kord took up position standing before the Captain’s chair.

“Helm, plot us a course into the black. I don’t want to chance impacting inhabited star systems. Take us five hundred light years above the galactic plane.” Kord ordered.

OOC: I assume you mean 5 light years? 500 light years would take you years of warp travel lol

Kord wondered how long the supposed fix would take and if Daniel had any connection to the Captain’s sudden ailment.

  • Kord, XO

Tinga waved the NE away from the Comms station and resumed her place on the bridge.

  • Tinga, Comms

The helm NE nodded bringing the Merrimack about and setting a course for the depths of space as ordered.

GM CockRoach

The Comm Whistled and The Very angry voice of Grunch could be heard =^=” Sickbay to bridge I have run scans and I have no idea what is happening to the captain right now…”=^= he shouted =^=”one minute my scans say he should be awake and having a mental break down only for the next to tell me he’s asleep and then to switch again and tell me oh no he is going through Spacial decompression and suffocation!!!”=^=


Tinga’s antennae twitched rapidly. She wanted to yell back at him but it wasn’t her place. For a Doctor she thought he would have understood that Andorians have very sensitive hearing. But perhaps it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t even see her.

Recovering herself, Tinga glanced at the XO.

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