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William arrived on the bridge, took a seat at his station, started preparing a program to alter the Bussard collectors to their new setting, generally done through the engineering section but he could prepare here first.

Writing the program to alter the Bussard collectors as outlined by Daniel didnt take long and soon this task at least needing work was mostly prepared for later use. Until then it would behoove William to begin a search for a dense source of the elements Daniel had outlined they would need to collect.

William did that, he set long-range sensors to locate the specific elements on his list, focusing on areas with more dense space matter such as nebulae and the like.

Sitting at navigation, Dariusz received an alert that the long-range sensors had been re-purposed and reassigned from the science station console.

“Could I be of assistance with your space exploration, Sir?” asked Dariusz. “You appear to be looking for nebulae with dense matter.”

William turned around “Aye indeed, I’m looking for hydrogen and helium, we’ll need enough to fill fifty kilograms in six canisters.” He shrugged “The search won’t take long, two of the most abundant materials but I’d like to collect enough and at the same place or atleast close enough to be the same place.” He explained calmly.

“Yes, the two most abundant elements in the Universe, yet incredibly diffuse,” replied Dariusz. “Dense nebulae makes sense. We could also try the atmospheres of Gas Giants. I will adjust the settings accordingly for you, Sir.”

“Might I suggest the Witch head nebula? As nebulae go, it’s one of the closer ones at the moment and should be good for our Helium requirements.” Kord suggested.

Dariusz made some quick adjustments at his console. “I’ve plotted and laid in a course to IC 2118, the Witch Head Nebula, near the Rigel system, sir!” replied Dariusz. “The Rigel system is an inhabited planetary system and consists of the primary supergiant Rigel, at least twelve planets, and an asteroid belt. It is located just less than ninety light years from Earth.”

William nodded “That should do” He spoke with a polite smile whilst internally he admonished his own failure not to study the local star charts immediately.

“Very good Mister Pokorski. Now, can you give me an ETA?”

OOC: Cheers for that! It depends on where we are and our Warp speed. No easy task. It’ll require the GM’s okay, but I’m using Geoffrey Mandel’s “Star Trek: Star Charts” and Memory Alpha/Beta for reference. And an online Warp Speed calculator. Here goes…

OOC: Works enough for me…

IC: “Yes, Sirs,” replied Pokorski. “We are currently near Space Station K-5. That’s located close to Ivor Prime, on the Federation side of the disputed Klingon border within the Qo’Nos sector. The location of the Witch Head Nebulae is Beta Rigel, which is, let’s see… approximately 3 sectors away, or 30 Light Years. Cruising at a speed of Warp 5.5 that will take almost 3 months. At our maximum Warp of 9.6 that would take us 20 days, Sirs. However, we can only maintain our maximum Warp speed for 12 hours. I suggest we try another nebula instead, Sirs. I suggest either the Briar Patch or the Hromi Cluster? Both are both closer. We can reach Gamma Hromi quickest in 22 days at Warp 5.5. If the CE wants to push the engines a little bit, we could make in under a week at Warp 8. Shall I lay in that course, Sirs?”

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OOC: Urgh so swamped by work though reply is coming I promise!

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Tinga listened intently. Having served in the Andorian military she knew a bit about those regions of space.

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