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Tinga listened intently. Having served in the Andorian military she knew a bit about those regions of space.

  • Tinga

William turned to the first officer “I’d recommend the Hromi Cluster, the briar patch is not a sector of space we want to spend time near in our condition” He paused “Or well in any condition.”

As Dariusz plotted and laid in the course, the computer came up with two general alerts for this region of space, one for the Klingon defence forces, and one for semi-autonomous, nomadic marauders and pirates. However, it also looked like they would enter into dense nebula well before reaching Gamma Hromi, which would shorten their arrival time even further.

  • Dariusz Pokorski, Naviagtor


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It was not too many hours later when the Merrimack arrived at their nebula destination with adjustments complete to the Bussard collectors they were as ready as they could be to collect their needed materials.

GM CockRoach

Periodic updates from Engineering came to the XO’s comm including the notes Tia was personally adding about her concerns about what was happening. Her latest report was that she was awaiting Daniel’s confirmation that stability to warp six for the equality of the fields between the ship and the container were enough.

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When the ship dropped out of Warp William opened his half-closed eyes, another micronap over. He could feel his legs needed stretching so he stood up with a quiet groan “I am adjusting scanners to find the best concentration of the materials we need” He announced as he tapped the command sending the necessary information into the computer.


“I’m scanning for any hostile ships,” Hal reported. “I doubt that we’ll find any. But It’s standard operating procedure.”


“Checking comms for anything that should or shouldn’t be there.” Tinga said.

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