Pre SIM: Reporting to CSO

Posted May 22, 2020, 2:16 a.m. by Civilian Ginger (Ship's Cat) (David Fergusson)

After his time in sickbay Metatron went to see the Chief Science Officer to get checked in with them and to find out his work schedule. He found the office and pressed the chime to announce himself.

“Enter” The slightly accented voice came beyond the door. Once opened it revealed a simple office, a table with two guest chairs, a computer and a practical mountain of PaDDs, paper, coffee cups, and various assortments of tools scattered around, it gave the impression of some sort of organized chaos. Sitting behind the desk was a man probably in his thirties, he had broad shoulders and a thin face, carefully combed chestnut hair and intense green eyes.

Walking in Metatron gave the Vulcan greeting. “Greetings Lieutenant. I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Metatron reporting for duty as requested by Starfleet.” The stoic Vulcan said. “It appears you need a maid, Lieutenant.” HE was trying to jest.

William looked up from his work at the Vulcan, examined him for a brief moment then looked across his room at his apparent mess “So they keep telling me, but the next person who tries to clean my office” He raised his voice so the people in the lab could hear him “Will Spend the next rotation cleaning toilets with their toothbrush” he turned his attention back to Metatron, his expression had remained calm and blank the entire time “Please have a seat, lieutenant. Tell me about yerself”

“Very well.” He sat down and thought for a moment. “I like long walks on the beach, Pina coladas, pineapple. I graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy with a Masters in Physics and theoretical physics and warp drive. I try to have a sense of humor but maybe try too hard. That is about it. Oh. I have a cat and his name is Simon. Anything else sir?”

Metatron, Science

Somewhere on the ship, Ginger’s ears were burning.

-Ginger, (Felis Catus)

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