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Oed V MOTD currently being redesigned. The MOTD is a hard hat area. We are not responsible for any injuries suffered during construction. - Gov Tiger and Lt Gov Armadillo

Welcome to Oed V!
*** STF AWARD WINNER JUNE 2018 AND 2019 ***

From the Governor's Office, played by Tony Findora

Thank you folks for making the long journey to our new site! Quite grand if I do say so myself!

We are looking to round off the roster and we've add a couple people as well! For those of you who copied threads, feel free to post them. Sidney and I will be looking over the Civilian Head descriptions and see if we can update them and get them posted sometime soon.

In the mean time, have fun folks!

Welcome to Oed V!

Player-run SIMs (PRSIM)

If you want to play on Oed, you need to know what PRSIMs are! Here is how it works!

We have an update on the PRSIM system that would be good to read as well! Find it here!
PRSIM Deadline - if you have an idea for another PRSIM, you can still let us know, we could do with a few more.
List of PRSIMs:
Open Slot
Open Slot

Government & Cabinet

City Districts & Establishments

    see details here.
  • Government District: Government Tower, Sacred Heart Hospital...
  • Residential District: Flats, houses, private homes of everybody
  • Commercial District: Chamber of Commerce Tower, "Heaven's Spike" Entertainment Tower, The pale Horse - Pub, Twilight - Nightclub, other establishments, shops, merchant offices...
  • Industrial District: Factories, Mining & Terraforming Facilities
  • Outskirts: The shady, red light corners...

O.M.A.P Corp.* - Breaking News

- ????
Breaking News soon to arrive! (*brought to you by *Oed Media Accredited Publishing Corporation Ltd.)

From the Lt Governor's Office, played by Sidney Parker.

Sidney Parker, an Armadillo, is Oed V's senior Star Fleet Officer, and our current Lt Governor.
Sidney, feel free to add in your own comments in here. Well with that invitation I will introduce myself as the Lt. Governor and CO of the USS Centurion, Sidney Parker. Remember here there is no GM net to catch you when you make that Role Playing snafu. However we like it that way. Come and rp here and make your own stories in a colony setting like no other.

Starfleet Command Officers

  • Lt. Governor of OED V - Captain Parker Xavier
  • Wing Commander/Spaceport & Orbital Platform Commander - VACANT
  • Chief of Engineering & Operations - Lt Tyra Schroll
  • Chief Medical Officer - VACANT
  • Chief of Security - Lt Commander Preston Longstreet
  • Chief Science Officer - VACANT
  • Chief Intelligence Officer - Lt Commander Nicholas James
  • CO of the USS Centurion* Captain Parker Xavier

Starfleet Installations

  • Starfleet HQ, Main Ops, Sickbay
  • Planetary defence control
  • Main Engineering, Building and Repairs of ships all sizes
  • Large Customs & Security facilities & Brigs
  • Orbital Platform:
  • Mining processing and shipping unit
  • Fighter Wings, Templar Class
  • Ships of Oed V
  • USS Centurion
  • Runabouts USS Loyalty, USS Dignity
  • Shuttles Sheridan, Sehurst, Cairo, Harlequin

How to join OED V

  • Most importantly: We only consider applications that have a full character bio, since a well-designed character is important in a self-sim environment like Oed!
  • Have a look at the OED V Brochure which gives you a lot of background info about the almost unlimited possibilities to roleplay on OED V. Here you will find more about the Government Structure and its locations.
  • Check the vacant positions to the left. When you click on them, you see a detailed job description and perks.
  • Have you found one that you think you might like, but are not sure what it entails? Contact the Governor or Lt. Governor and let them explain the possibilities of that role for you.
  • None of those options strikes your fancy? You'd rather try out something completely different? No problem. Let us know (Contact). We also accept non-canon species, within certain limits. We also consider ideas for new establishments.

Side Sim of the Month

Come read the Oed Zoo, Poaching Day on Oed Its an offbeat and interesting side sim. Link to the beginning Post.

AWOL & secondary character Guideline

The current policy for all rostered characters is 5 days. You can play more than one character, but only your primary character is rostered. Link to the Master Roster.

Secondary unrostered characters

Kat Buchanan - Owner of The T&C played by Tony Findora

Dawson - Owner of Secret Securities played by Tony Findora

Shari Binns - Wife of HotCoCo played by Liam Shoepp

Kanok - Black Sparrow XO played by Tony Findora

Jöhann Karlson - Business Owner played by Hjörtur Ingi

Ekaterina Artemovich - Mercenary played by Liam Shoepp

Kasper Brown - Archaeologist played by David Shotten

Sophie Brown - Freelancer played by Miriam W

» Read Notes | Post Note
Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Civilian Michael "One" Halloway Governor Human (former borg) 5'11" 200 lbs Tony Findora LOA (5)
Captain Parker Xavier Lt. Governor Human 6'01 190 Sidney Parker OK (1)
Civilian Isaria Thavos Head of Education and Culture Andorian 6'0 170lbs Trinity Fister LOA (2)
Civilian Amelia Barnes Head of Medical and Social Services Betazoid Tyra Schroll
Civilian Shinzak Head of Mining Operations Reman 6'0" 280 lb Luke Paris OK (3)
Civilian Joseph Karlson Head of Police Force Human 1.95 - 6'4" 100Kg - 220lbs Hjortur Ingi Late (5)
Civilian Stephen Binns Head of the Chamber of Commerce Human 5 feet 10 inches 164 lbs Liam Schoepp AWOL (37)
Civilian Astrid Rousseau Head of the Judicial System Human/Betazoid 5'7" 130 lbs Amber DeSadier LOA (12)
Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James Chief Intelligence Officer Human (Modified) 6’2” 185 Sam Pennington OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet Chief of Security Human 6'02 190 Sidney Parker OK (1)
Lieutenant Tyra Schroll Chief of Engineering and Operations Human 5"4" 135 Tyra Schroll OK (1)
Ensign Valkris MacLaren Security Officer Mixed race (1/8th Cardassian, 1/2 Klingon, 3/8th Human) 5'6" 148 lbs Janice B. OK (0)
Civilian Michael Conrad Black Sparrow CO Human (Irish blood, American speaking) 6'1" 190 lbs Tony Findora LOA (6)
Civilian K'vorth, Son of the House of Duroc Klingon Warrior Klingon 6' 6" 280 lbs David Shotton AWOL (13)
Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc Klingon Warrior Klingon 6'11" 367 lbs. James Sinclair OK (3)

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