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Oed V

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We are "a planet-based RPG, set on the planet Oed V, near the Vren Border.
It is a joint Starfleet-civilian colony consisting of both Starfleet personnel and civilians."
- From the Oed V Charter.

From the Governor

James 'Rhinoceros' Sinclair is the Governor of Oed V
I am truly excited and humbled to be allowed to take on the role of Governor for Oed V. There is so much potential here it is sometimes staggering. With over three million people under the dome (and growing!), the opportunities presented are almost limitless!

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From the Lt Governor

Matt 'Viscacha' Bongiorno is the Lt. Gov of Oed V
I am honored to be authoring the Lt. Governor and Starfleet Captain Tori Zei. I personally look forward to writing with everyone here. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or want to write together.

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Breaking News
When news breaks, we fix it! - Jon Stewart
New Governor, Kenzo B'Tren-Hyrushi, arrives
About Oed V
Oed V Info
Chief of Staff - Make sure the only voice the Governor hears is yours and arrange his diary. Step in if the Governor is off planet or represent Oed V at events if the Governor can't attend.
Head of Construction and Operations - Help in the building of the new domed city on Oed V. Maybe name a square or a park after yourself!
Head of Chamber of Commerce - Give our Shop Keepers a voice at the Civilian Cabinet table. Ensure their voices are heard
Spaceport and Orbital Platform Commander - Ensure the Spaceport and Orbital platform are operating efficiently and allow the Lt Governor to focus on more strategic concerns. Take control of who comes and goes and ensure the processing of ore is going according to plan.
Chief Science Officer - Explore gaseous anomalies! Train future Starfleet Scientists! Show students at Rabbitus Memorial School how to present Volcano explosions for Science Experiments! Work with your civilian colleagues in Science and Terraforming to help ensure the future of Starfleet and the colony into the future.
Shop Keepers - Sell trinkets to holiday makers, sell clothes or games or furniture or equipment to civilians and Starfleet officers alike, run a restaurant, lots of leasing operations are available, and with the second dome, we have lots of space for you and your wares
JOs - All Departments
And anything else you can think of!
Player Run Sims
Citizens, Starfleet Personnel and More
Find out a bit about the people that call Oed V home, or who have been sent here by Starfleet to help protect Starfleet and Federation interests in this corner of the Galaxy. Our Governor is Kenzo B'Tren-Hyrushi, a man with a vision... and some questionable history. The XO is long serving (and suffering) Starfleet Captain, Xavier. Xavier is the head Starfleet officer on Oed V and is in command of the USS Centurion, the head ship assigned to Oed V.
Starfleet Security and the Civilian Police Force are more often than not forced to work hand in hand to help protect the governor from harm and to safeguard Starfleet facilities and personnel. Commander Longstreet is the Chief of Security and Joseph Karlson is the Police Chief. Ensign Valkris MacLaren serves in security.
Lieutenant Katherine Prescott is a Wing Leader (Pilot) who leads one of the wings of of fighters that help protect Oed V from threats - whether Vren or further afield.
Lieutenant Tyra Scholl is the colony's Chief Engineer and ensures Starfleet facilities are operating at peak efficiency. Along with her team, she is charged with the maintenance of everything that is emblazoned with the Federation or Starfleet symbol, whether they be ships, buildings, equipment or knowledge. The Civilian Team who looks after the colonial side of civilian infrastructure work alongside Lieutenant Scholl's team.
Dr Amelia Barnes is a retired Starfleet Doctor and leads the team at the Sacred Heart Hospital to care for the medical health of the Starfleet personnel and civilians who clal Oed V home.
Brianna 'Bree' O' Harra is in charge of mining operations on the planet and the ore processing facilities on the outpost.
Judge Astrid Rousseau heads up the Judicial services on the colony
Isaac Ducante Jr is a civilian with business interests planetside and elsewhere.
Starport:- Arrivals and Departures from the colony take place here. You'll need to pass through Customs on the way to the rest of the colony. Don't forget to spend up big with the Ferengi merchants!
Sacred Heart Hospital:- A joint Starfleet/Civilian hospital. All the ills impacting biological beings are seen to here. Also acts as the local intake for new Cadets hoping to enter the medical track of Starfleet.
Rabbitus Memorial School:- As the primary educational facility on Oed V, this campus looks after the educational needs of our citizens, whether infants, children, adolescents or adults. The Federation Science Council, the colony's Science and Terraforming Department and Starfleet Sciences are all housed in this institution as is the Oed V Public Library.
OOC News
- Interested in becoming a GM or want to develop a custom race or location? The GM Department is your first point of call. Check out the GM Boards for the GM Exam and Guidelines to develop powers, species and locations.
- The Engineering Department is the place for your questions about Technologies and Ships and to design your own of each. Stop by there for assistance or to review one or both of the ships currently under review - Independence Class or the Avenger Class.
- Want to learn about Counseling, Science, Medical, Engineering or Security? Or perhaps DH, XO or CO. Then the Academy is your port of call, the Academy has the courses and the tutors you'll need to study to your heart's content.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Civilian Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi Governor Human / Betazoid 38 5'10" 167 lbs James Sinclair LOA 2022-07-04 (13)
Captain Tori Zei Lt. Governor Betazoid 35 5'9" 135 Matt Bongiorno LOA 2022-07-03 (8)
Lieutenant Commander Mia Salazar-Murphy Chief of Engineering and Operations Human 5'3" 115 Tyra Schroll AWOL (49*)
Lieutenant Sharah Fayth Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer Betazoid 23 5'2" 126 Jennifer Ward AWOL (6)
Chief of Star Fleet Security
Lieutenant Commander Markus Woods Chief Star Fleet Science Officer Human 33 1.78m (5' 10") 83.9kg (185 lbs) Sam Haynes AWOL (6)
General Calvin Harris Command General- Colonial Customs and Defence Authority Human 40 6'1'' 195lbs Jerome Davis OK (4)
Civilian Astrid Rousseau Chief Justice Human/Betazoid 30 5'7" 130 lbs Amber DeSadier AWOL (15)
Civilian Karina Enger Director of Education Cairn 30 5'7" 145 Jennifer Ward AWOL (8)
Civilian Mirembe M'Ahar Director of Terraforming Haliian 45 155cm (5'1) 55kg (121lbs) Trinity Fister AWOL (20*)
Civilian Nicholas James Director, Colonial Intelligence Agency Human (Modified) 32 6’2” 185 Sam Pennington OK (4)
Civilian Joseph Karlson Police Commissioner Human 68 1.95 - 6'4" 100Kg - 220lbs Hjortur Ingi LOA 2022-07-05 (0)
Civilian Director of Building and Construction
Civilian Director of Medical and Social Services
Civilian Jahok Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities Klingon 48 5'10" 195lbs Abigail G AWOL (40)
Civilian Head of Mining Operations
Civilian Nathan Carlisle Archeologist Human (half El Aurian) Looks 35 (actually 80 years old) 6'0" 205 lbs Tony Findora OK (1*)
Civilian Hoka Assistant to Zerbo Ferengi 43 5'2' 122 lbs Travis Good OK (7)
Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway Business Owner Human 48 6' 186lbs Jerome Davis AWOL (29)
Civilian Molly Holloway CEO - Holloway Industries Human 32 5'5'' 140lbs Joana Ribeiro LOA 2022-07-02 (19)
Civilian Zerbo Ferengi Representative Ferengi 56 5'2" 126 lbs Travis Good AWOL (7)
Civilian Akem Independent Operator Deltan 6'0" 185lbs Tony Findora OK (1*)
Civilian Lai Kitrian Independent Operator Tyrellian/Human 36 5'8" 135 lbs Lindsay B OK (3)
Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc Klingon Warrior Klingon 44 6'11" 367 lbs. James Sinclair
Civilian Eric Carlisle Owner - Secret Securities Human (half El Aurian) Looks 30 (actually 80 years old) 6'0" 210 lbs Tony Findora OK (1*)
Civilian Michael Conrad Owner- Black Sparrow Human (Irish blood, American speaking) 37 6'1" 210 lbs Tony Findora OK (1*)
Civilian Rex Ariki Resident Human 44 5'2 115lbs Ty Napier OK (4)

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