Oed V Colony

We are a planet-based RPG, set on the planet Oed V, near the Vren Border. It is a Federation colony that hosts a large Starfleet contingent.
Our unofficial motto is 'Never say never'!

Hello and welcome to Oed V! I am James 'Rhino' Sinclair, and I am happy to be the Governor of this great place. We want you to have fun and create great stories. If you need help or have an idea you want to discuss, reach out to me via Discord or shoot me an email!

Executive Officer: Captain (Ret.) Eela Dasca

We're a rockin' and a rollin'! We have a new MOTD, updated resources on the way and a bunch of great storylines unfolding. We also have a lot of open spots, so if you know anyone wanting to join in the antics, send them our way. ~Linds

Everything About the Colony

Read all about Oed V's History and Facilities

Posting Limits

  • Executive: 3 days
  • Civilian Cabinet & Sr. Starfleet Officers: 5 days
  • Other Civilians & Starfleet JOs: 7 days

What We're Talking About

When news breaks, we fix it! - Jon Stewart

Breaking News

Secondary Characters

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Current Vacancies

Cabinet Members & Senior Officers:

  • Head of Mining Operations
  • Director of Building and Construction
  • Head of Chamber of Commerce
  • Starfleet Chief Engineer
  • Starfleet Squadron CO

Junior Officers:

  • Pilots for CCDA (Civilian defence) and Starfleet
  • JAG Officer
  • Police Detectives & Officers
  • Civilian shop and establishment owners
  • Other ideas you have!?

See our AD for more details!

Contact the Gov. or Lt. Gov if you're interested in a position.

MOTD originally designed by Louis Harvatt and Sharon Miller. Last updated Nov 2022

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Civilian Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi Governor Human / Betazoid 38 5'10" 167 lbs James Sinclair OK (0)
Captain Eela Dasca Lt. Governor Haliian 64 5'9" 160 lbs Lindsay B OK (2)
General Calvin Harris Command General- Colonial Customs and Defence Authority Human 40 6'1'' 195lbs Jerome Davis OK (1)
Civilian Astrid Rousseau Chief Justice Human/Betazoid 30 5'7" 130 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (2)
Civilian Zerbo Colonial Finance Minister Ferengi 56 5'2" 126 lbs Travis Good OK (2)
Civilian Alston 'Fox' Mace Colonial Intelligence Agency Asset Human 54 5'8" 160 lbs Steve Johnson AWOL (5)
Civilian Director of Building and Construction
Civilian Karina Enger Director of Education Cairn 30 5'7" 145 Jennifer Ward OK (3)
Civilian Aiofemi T. Oshiro Director of Medical and Social Services Human 39 5'8" 145 lbs Mika Jackson LOA 2023-03-27 (2)
Civilian Malcolm "Astro" Dawkins Director of Spaceport and Orbital Facilities Human 31 6'1" 195 lbs Jerome Davis OK (1)
Civilian Erin Hazen-Cooper Director of Terraforming Human 26 5'4'' 124lbs Joana Ribeiro OK (3)
Civilian Ana Caputo Governor's Chief of Staff Human Sage Pennington OK (0)
Civilian Head of Mining Operations
Civilian Joseph Karlson Police Commissioner Human 68 1.95 - 6'4" 100Kg - 220lbs Hjortur Ingi AWOL (16)
Civilian Jeannette Mathis Federation Ambassador Human (1/4 El Aurian) 54 5'6" 150 lbs Lindsay B AWOL (7)
Captain Jonathan McBride CO, USS Centurion Human 42 6'3 190 lbs Lindsay B
Chief of Engineering and Operations
Colonel Eleanor "Iron Lady" Carnegie Commanding Officer, 1st Colonial Defense Squadron Human 31 5'6'' 137 lbs Joana Ribeiro OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Tiberius Cattaneo Chief of Star Fleet Security Human 28 5'9" 165 lb Clayton Strong OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Sharah Fayth Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer Betazoid 25 5'2" 126 Jennifer Ward OK (2)
Lieutenant Commander Markus Woods Chief Star Fleet Science Officer Human 33 1.78m (5' 10") 83.9kg (185 lbs) Sam Haynes OK (4)
Lieutenant Tandra Mika Counselor Human 25 5' 3'' 125 lbs Nicole Cline OK (0)
Civilian Lucas Elliot Holloway Business Owner Human 48 6' 186lbs Jerome Davis OK (5)
Civilian Molly Holloway CEO - Holloway Industries Human 33 5'5'' 140lbs Joana Ribeiro OK (0)
Civilian Michael Conrad Owner- Black Sparrow Human (Irish blood, American speaking) 37 6'1" 210 lbs Tony Findora OK (4)
Civilian Norb, of Klaxut Markets Business Owner Ferengi 63 4'11" 200 lbs Shaun Tee LOA 2023-03-29 (20)
Civilian Carsyn A. Kolchak Reporter, Federation News Service Human (Terran) 5'8" ft (172.72 cm) 106 lbs (48.08 kg) Christopher Huskins AWOL (10)
Civilian Thyr Th'arialat Resident Andorian 25 6'1'' 150 lbs Nicole Cline OK (0)
Civilian Rex Ariki Resident Human 44 5'2 115lbs Ty Napier AWOL (30*)
Civilian Logan Mills Smuggler Human 19 Katy Darrah OK (1)
Civilian Jezem Upstanding Citizen Orion 29 5'5" 130 Abigail G OK (0)

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