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OOC: This is the sidesim I mentioned involved Q. I’ll explain the rules, but be ready as you will need to have your emails ready to receive responses every round. ;)

The goal of the game is to have the most points in the end. (Q has a special prize for the winner hahaha). You earn points by correctly guessing someone’s response to a particular topic.

Play will work as such:

  1. A topic will be given. (Example: Things that are furry, things you wouldn’t tell your parents, things you associate with felines, etc.)

  2. Players will respond to the topic by sending a designated player (via email or discord, but email is probably best) their character’s response. During every round a different player will sit out so as to give everyone a chance to play host.

  3. Once all players have submitted their responses, the player sitting out will recite them IC to everyone. In turns, people will guess who said what. If Player 1 guesses Player 2’s response correctly, then Player 1 will receive a point and Player 2 is eliminated from guessing in the round. Last player standing in each round gets a bonus 2 points.

The game ends when all players have had a chance to sit out a round and recite the responses.

Do you have any questions? If so, by all means, let me know! :)

If you are joining feel free to reply in this thread as Q zaps you into the following scene below.

IC: Michael Conrad had been on his way to the bridge of the Black Sparrow when, as he stepped into the lift that would take him there, he was acosted by a now familiar entity to him.


At least his time it was different. Conrad found himself in swimshorts at a rather decent looking beachside resort. But of course, Q, who also had donned a pair of trunks sat with a pair of glasses at a rather large looking table with an umbrella sprouting from the center to give potential people some shade from the sun.

Conrad approached, exasperated. “Will this ever end Q?’ he asked, knowing the answer as per his wager with him.

Q laughed. “Eventually. Your terms were quite clear. Every year I could do this one time.” He then gestured to the surrounding area of the beach. “Isn’t it lovely? Much better than that volcano last time right?”

Conrad sighed. “Yes. So kind of you to have supplied us with clothes that would prevent any real damage from touching us.”

Q, or course, raised his eye brows in delight. “See! I’m willing to do my part, but you lost that terrible wager, and now…let the games begin!”

And with that, Conrad sighed and took a seat as he waited for the inevitable.

-Michael Conrad

OOC: Minor side note as I made this post. Q will likely grant them clothing that is appropriate for beach time. I’ll leave it up to all of you to decide what they wear, but might be good to stick to the scene. :P lol.


Joseph had been enjoying some quiet time in his library. A time that he was very fond of. Then that familiar white flash appeared and he was no longer sitting in his favorite chair in front of his fireplace in his oversized mansion house next to his wife. He was also no longer wearing his slacks and dark shirt. Now he was donning swimming trunks and an open shirt of a very colorful nature. It also took him a moment to notice the sunglasses as he felt everything was far too dark compared to the heat of the sun. He sighed audibly and turned around “Q! What the hell” That’s when he saw Captain Micheal Conrad, a man he was familiar with but didn’t know personally and next to him was Q, well a Q but not one he recognized. “Ah, Captain Conrad, normally I’d say it’s a pleasure to finally meet.” The older man removed his sunglasses, the brightness didn’t even seem to phase him. He truly seemed annoyed at his current circumstances.” He looked down at his bare chest and growled slightly, the shirt was two numbers too small so he couldn’t close it which annoyed him to no small end. He moved to the pair, completely ignoring the other man/being. He sat down in front of the civilian Captain “I assume this is has somthing to do with you then, Captain?”

Commissioner Karlson

Blinking, Ekaterina found herself suddenly not in the middle of choking out a Klingon, but instead standing on a beach. Looking down, she saw that her normal clothes had been replaced with a white two piece swimsuit along with a button up shirt. The shirt hung limply over the shoulder with the missing arm, and although the swimsuit was not the most exposing thing, quite a few of her scars were still visible. Looking to her hand, she noticed that she still had her cane in her hand, but instead of the normal engravings the handle, there were coconut trees and volcanoes. Shrugging, she decided to walk over to the other two that already arrived. This incident might faze other people, but this was not even in the top five strange situations that she had been in.

Ekaterina Artemovich (Mercenary)

“And another thing, Mister P’–.” Isaria rose her head from her desk, where she had been avidly studying the PaDD handed to her by an older Vulcan man. Confusion, in all of its demented glory, began to spill across her features. The temperature had spiked, the ground beneath her feet no longer the chilled tile of her office. “Wonderful,” Thavos muttered to herself, wondering just what kind of spacial anomaly had caused this mess. Out of habit, she reached up to smooth her collar, but her fingers only met the skin of her collar. Tentatively, she glanced down, discovering her conservative work clothes had been replaced by a black one-pieced swimsuit, broadly showcasing the scars of her past, along her shoulders and hips. Most people expected Isaria to be a blank canvas, but she was an abstract painting of scars and tattoos that she dutifully hid. Shaking her head, she caught sight of a few other people, none of which she knew well enough to approach. Excluding the last, a maimed woman who seemed perfectly comfortable with her surroundings. Quirking an eyebrow, Isaria said nothing, making her way to the others.

Isaria Thavos (HoEC)

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