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OOC: This is the sidesim I mentioned involved Q. I’ll explain the rules, but be ready as you will need to have your emails ready to receive responses every round. ;)

The goal of the game is to have the most points in the end. (Q has a special prize for the winner hahaha). You earn points by correctly guessing someone’s response to a particular topic.

Play will work as such:

  1. A topic will be given. (Example: Things that are furry, things you wouldn’t tell your parents, things you associate with felines, etc.)

  2. Players will respond to the topic by sending a designated player (via email or discord, but email is probably best) their character’s response. During every round a different player will sit out so as to give everyone a chance to play host.

  3. Once all players have submitted their responses, the player sitting out will recite them IC to everyone. In turns, people will guess who said what. If Player 1 guesses Player 2’s response correctly, then Player 1 will receive a point and Player 2 is eliminated from guessing in the round. Last player standing in each round gets a bonus 2 points.

The game ends when all players have had a chance to sit out a round and recite the responses.

Do you have any questions? If so, by all means, let me know! :)

If you are joining feel free to reply in this thread as Q zaps you into the following scene below.

IC: Michael Conrad had been on his way to the bridge of the Black Sparrow when, as he stepped into the lift that would take him there, he was acosted by a now familiar entity to him.


At least his time it was different. Conrad found himself in swimshorts at a rather decent looking beachside resort. But of course, Q, who also had donned a pair of trunks sat with a pair of glasses at a rather large looking table with an umbrella sprouting from the center to give potential people some shade from the sun.

Conrad approached, exasperated. “Will this ever end Q?’ he asked, knowing the answer as per his wager with him.

Q laughed. “Eventually. Your terms were quite clear. Every year I could do this one time.” He then gestured to the surrounding area of the beach. “Isn’t it lovely? Much better than that volcano last time right?”

Conrad sighed. “Yes. So kind of you to have supplied us with clothes that would prevent any real damage from touching us.”

Q, or course, raised his eye brows in delight. “See! I’m willing to do my part, but you lost that terrible wager, and now…let the games begin!”

And with that, Conrad sighed and took a seat as he waited for the inevitable.

-Michael Conrad

OOC: Minor side note as I made this post. Q will likely grant them clothing that is appropriate for beach time. I’ll leave it up to all of you to decide what they wear, but might be good to stick to the scene. :P lol.


Joseph had been enjoying some quiet time in his library. A time that he was very fond of. Then that familiar white flash appeared and he was no longer sitting in his favorite chair in front of his fireplace in his oversized mansion house next to his wife. He was also no longer wearing his slacks and dark shirt. Now he was donning swimming trunks and an open shirt of a very colorful nature. It also took him a moment to notice the sunglasses as he felt everything was far too dark compared to the heat of the sun. He sighed audibly and turned around “Q! What the hell” That’s when he saw Captain Micheal Conrad, a man he was familiar with but didn’t know personally and next to him was Q, well a Q but not one he recognized. “Ah, Captain Conrad, normally I’d say it’s a pleasure to finally meet.” The older man removed his sunglasses, the brightness didn’t even seem to phase him. He truly seemed annoyed at his current circumstances.” He looked down at his bare chest and growled slightly, the shirt was two numbers too small so he couldn’t close it which annoyed him to no small end. He moved to the pair, completely ignoring the other man/being. He sat down in front of the civilian Captain “I assume this is has somthing to do with you then, Captain?”

Commissioner Karlson

“Quite unfortunately Commissioner,” was Conrad’s rather miserable reply. There would be others, of that he was certain. Q, meanwhile sat back with a bemused look and watched as the rest arrived.

Blinking, Ekaterina found herself suddenly not in the middle of choking out a Klingon, but instead standing on a beach. Looking down, she saw that her normal clothes had been replaced with a white two piece swimsuit along with a button up shirt. The shirt hung limply over the shoulder with the missing arm, and although the swimsuit was not the most exposing thing, quite a few of her scars were still visible. Looking to her hand, she noticed that she still had her cane in her hand, but instead of the normal engravings the handle, there were coconut trees and volcanoes. Shrugging, she decided to walk over to the other two that already arrived. This incident might faze other people, but this was not even in the top five strange situations that she had been in.

Ekaterina Artemovich (Mercenary)

Conrad had not yet met this odd woman. Despite his annoyance at his current predicament, he nodded and asked, “I’m Michael Conrad, captain of the Black Sparrow. And who might you be?”

“And another thing, Mister P’–.” Isaria rose her head from her desk, where she had been avidly studying the PaDD handed to her by an older Vulcan man. Confusion, in all of its demented glory, began to spill across her features. The temperature had spiked, the ground beneath her feet no longer the chilled tile of her office. “Wonderful,” Thavos muttered to herself, wondering just what kind of spacial anomaly had caused this mess. Out of habit, she reached up to smooth her collar, but her fingers only met the skin of her collar. Tentatively, she glanced down, discovering her conservative work clothes had been replaced by a black one-pieced swimsuit, broadly showcasing the scars of her past, along her shoulders and hips. Most people expected Isaria to be a blank canvas, but she was an abstract painting of scars and tattoos that she dutifully hid. Shaking her head, she caught sight of a few other people, none of which she knew well enough to approach. Excluding the last, a maimed woman who seemed perfectly comfortable with her surroundings. Quirking an eyebrow, Isaria said nothing, making her way to the others.

Isaria Thavos (HoEC)

An andorian. Not what he expected, but then again, Q was a being that would consistently leave Conrad puzzled. “And you are?” he asked, her face seeming vaguely familiar.

“Isaria Thavos.” She greeted, her voice lacking any inflection beyond the annoyance of their situation. “I work for Education and Culture,” She wove a hand. “And you?”

”…where it is, but we need to find that file for…” Astrid blinked in the sudden bright sunlight. She had been searching for a file for an upcoming case in her office, dressed in one of her usual skirted suits, tights and heels. Now she found herself on the beach with no shoes on and… her hands touched bare thighs and she looked down. She was wearing some sort of high waisted bikini bottoms in a navy and lemon print with a bright yellow bikini top. Her mouth dropped open in surprise. Thankfully, in her hand, she also had a wrap which she promptly used. There was a light breeze, far lighter than on most beaches of this type and it tugged at the outer edges of the wrap. Her hair blew into her face a bit, a definite change from the chignon she had been wearing that morning. Raking her fingers through her hair, she found a flower pinned there as well and sunglasses.

Conrad raised an eyebrow. Even in the midst of frustration at knowing how events would likely play out, he still couldn’t help but soak in the judge’s appearance. “Judge Rousseau, I presume?” he asked, remembering her face from some of the publicized cases having been made the past year.

Then finally, after taking all of that in, she looked around and found Michael sitting with several others, most of whom she knew. Uncertain, but happy to see she was not alone, she stepped forward to the table and took a seat by Commissioner Karlson. “I suppose,” she said in her soft French accent eyeing the man she did not know and the woman mercenary who was also new to her in suspicion. “that someone is going to explain what is going on?”

Rousseau, HotJ

Conrad sighed. “Yes, all in due time Miss Rousseau,” he stated, mulling over some thoughts in his head.

Joseph nodded to the Judge as she joined the small but growing group “Welcome your Honour, This is Captain Micheal Conrad, a Civilian Captain of the Black Sparrow I Believe.” He indicated to the man that had been there first “You should be familiar Isaria zh’Thavos our head of Education and Culture, a fellow cabinet member.” He indicated to the Andorian. He seemed rather calm for the current situation. “And I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the young lady here” He lied, indicating the Scarred one armed woman. Before he could continue there was another guest.

Isaria offered only a slight wave of her hand. What he might have described as ‘calm’ was actually just a lack of care towards the whole ordeal. She didn’t know what was going on, and part of her assumed it was just some hectic dream. Part of her wished it was some kind of dream. Although, she doubted that would be true.

Urg was asleep. And snoring… loudly. He suddenly felt a warmth that was not normal on the ship he and his brothers call home, and bolted upright and yelled “Fire!!” and then blinked in the bright light. He was sitting in sand, wearing a pair of brightly colored swim trunks decorated with large flowers and surf boards… and nothing else. The huge Klingon looked down and scowled. Looking around, he glared at nothing in particular. “I swear by Kvaar’ton. If they lost me in a game of poker again, I will kill them both.” and then he saw the gathered assembly seated at a table of some kind. Standing up he strode purposefully to them and stopped next to them. “How long did my soon to be deceased brethren think to enslave me for this time?” he growled.

Urg’tohn, Son of House Duroc

OOC: Every time I read this particular response, I can’t help but laugh. lol.

IC: A part of him really wanted to give an estimate, but figured it just wasn’t the time. Secrets would be shared soon, and he knew what would happen to the one who came in first.

Joseph didn’t stand up as the Klingon joined them “And this is Urg’tohn, son of the House Duroc and Follower of the Builder Kvaar’ton.” Joseph’s tone was almost professorial as he introduced the different characters. Yet he had left one out. “I’m afraid my Klingon Friend that it is rather unlikely that your brothers are involved in this, if they are however I would be most impressed” He turned back to Captain Conrad but continued speaking to Judge Rousseau “I’m not certain how widespread the knowledge about the beings known as the Q’s are across the Federation. Starfleet keeps a dedicated file on them but I don’t know how much if anything you know of them” It was clear at this point he was ignoring the colourful individual sitting with them whom he had not introduced “I’ve interacted with their kind before. Several times throughout the years” He didn’t take his eyes of Conrad “And if I’m not mistaken, and I rarely am, Captain Conrad you may be able to shed some further light on our situation” The elderly Commissioner resisted the urge to pull further on his small sized shirt. He generally wore clothing that both fit and hid his extremely fit figure. Sitting there with three relative strangers made him uncomfortable beyond believe.

Commissioner Karlson

“Yes, I can,” started Conrad. “Q has–”

“Oh, wait now! Not everyone has arrived! See for yourself,” interrupted Q.

Another person appeared then, and she was equally surprised to be there as everyone else. Her back was to them, but anyone who had seen her at parties or outside of work would likely immediately recognize the weaving vine tattoo that burst with colourful flowers as it snaked back and forth across her back and right up to her shoulders, marred only by the band of the silver two piece she was wearing. Tied loosely around her hips was a sheer black wrap that didn’t hide all that much. Her mass of corkscrew curls moved very little in the light breeze and she took a moment to take in the resort that was most definitely not the office she had been heading to.

Her surprise quickly turned to something of amusement as she realized she was standing there in front of Conrad and her colleagues in the rather revealing bathing suit. Not that she was self-conscious about her body in any way, but it certainly wasn’t usual outside of specific R&R or casual entertaining situations.

Conrad’s eyes opened a bit more as his mouth slowly opened. However, he was quick to catch on to his own responses and quickly shut it.

Shading her eyes with a hand, Halai looked around with a scientist’s analytical eye and moved towards the group. “Fun! I always wanted an impromptu mystery vacation,” she said nonchalantly. Grabbing a frilly bright pink flower and sticking the stem into her hair, she grinned in Astrid’s direction. “At least we coordinate.” Her grin turned cheeky as she momentarily glanced at Michael and then the others in turn.

~Halai Cosgrove.

Conrad slipped a “wow” under his breathe though it was obvious it was due to the visage before him.

Morak had been leaning over the unconscious body of his adopted son when suddenly … he wasn’t.

The one time Starfleet Counselor was very much aware he was wearing the legacy of a misspent youth from many years earlier, many more years than he cared to think about. The particular swimwear he was wearing left very little to the imagination, one that most of the others here had probably only heard of by rumour - but sadly it did exist and in this case Morak was wearing it: a Klikini.

It seemed to be a single piece of fabric that covered his loins much like a sumo wrestler’s mawashi. However the fabric didn’t end there … instead it weaved its way up his back and while most of the variations of bikinis that existed for multiple STF animal captains and species off around the back of the neck, the Klikini instead ended in a kind of skull cap or beanie on the Klingon’s head, covering the ridges and tying up like a bow on top of the Klingon’s head, which looked ridiculous and made Morak feel ridiculous, but if it wasn’t there, the whole darn thing would be in a pile at his feet, and he would be showing off everything that he was born with, a thing that would make the women present swoon and the men present envious … and he was very happily married … and his wife did all the swooning he needed.

Morak looked around the group gathered, he was fairly sure he didn’t know any of them, the other Klingon wasn’t one of his son’s party, and the others were of various races.

“I am Morak, the adopted father of Dashel Jamison, who is the Chief Information Officer on Oed V. Where am I presently? And why am I here? And this ridiculous thing I’m wearing is called a Klikini, a klingon swimming costume.”

  • Morak

OOC: And this part to, I can’t help but give a chuckle too. lol. A klikini!

IC: “And I’m Michael Conrad, captain of the Black Sparrow. Unfortunately, you, along with everyone else present, has been selected to participate in a game with Q.”

“Oh, now, not with me. All for my own amusement and most of you won’t even remember what happened here, but there is the possibility that some of you might.” he said amused. “Why don’t you all take a moment to get to know each other while I go check on some things.”

With a wave of his hand, he said, “Ta-ta,” and disappeared.

Conrad sighed. “Here’s the deal. I don’t know how many more are supposed to show, so hopefully we only need to do this once. We’re about to participate in a game where we slowly reveal things about ourselves. Q will explain the rules, but I would advise not fighting it. Q has ways of making you participate whether you like it or not. In the end, hopefully you all will not remember a thing and you can all go back to your normal routine.”

“That being said, it may be wise for us to get to know each other a bit. I’m Captain Michael Conrad of the Black Sparrow. I’ve had dealings with Halai, and I recognize those of you who are cabinet members of Oed. I don’t recall either of you Klingons very well or the woman here with the cane. Why don’t we all take turns and introduce ourselves with a bit of information for us to help keep people straight.”

He left it at that, wondering what sort of reactions he would receive. Whether they knew it or not, the game was alread beginning. He was going to win, because he had to. His secrets were not meant to be shared, and Q was taking advantage of what knowledge he had of each person.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

A game. Isaria did not like the sound of that, one bit. Uno was a game, soccer was a game. Abducting several people from their everyday routine, to place them somewhere where they didn’t belong? That was not a game. Hell, she didn’t even know what to call that. All the Andorian knew was it made her incredibly irritated with this creature named ‘Q.’ Whatever he had up his sleeve, she wanted nothing to do with it. Although, it seemed there wasn’t much a choice, now.

From calm to downright irritated, the Andorian glanced around at the people, taking each of them in with a gaze of illmanner. She knew those of them that were members of the cabinet, most only by their names and their positions. She doubted anything more was revelant to this situation. The Klingons, however, she could not name. She had never seen them before, and she doubted it would have been with good reason, if she had. Folding her arms over her chest, uncomfortable in this heat, she waited for someone to come forwards and speak.

Stifling a sigh, she chose to go and get this over with. The sooner they were done inroducing themselves, like a bunch of adolescents entering their first tier of training, the quicker she would be returned to her office. “Hello, jolan’tru, hola, whatever you wish to call it,” She began, trying to strip away the overwhelming sensation of irritation that danced beneath her skin. “My name is Isaria Thavos, you’re welcome to call me Thavos, if it suits your fancy. I am the Head of Education and Culture for Oed– yes, I’m an Andorian. No, I have no plans of harming you in your sleep.” She cocked a faint smile, before stepping back. There wasn’t much she could say, so she kept it simple.

Isaria Thavos

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