A Holiday Celebration (Open)

Posted Jan. 19, 2019, 11:19 p.m. by Civilian Isaria zh’Thavos (Head of Education and Culture) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Civilian Halai Cosgrove (Head of Science and Terraforming) in A Holiday Celebration (Open)

Posted by Civilian Isaria zh’Thavos (Head of Education and Culture) in A Holiday Celebration (Open)

Posted by Civilian Halai Cosgrove (Head of Science and Terraforming) in A Holiday Celebration (Open)

Posted by Civilian Isaria zh’Thavos (Head of Education and Culture) in A Holiday Celebration (Open)

Posted by Civilian Isaria zh’Thavos (Head of Education and Culture) in A Holiday Celebration (Open)
OOC: This isn’t intended as a real sim, simply something a little festive for the season. All are welcome! And to those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

Parties. Isaria had never been the kind of girl to care much about them. Then again, who was she to pass up decorations and a good amount of baking? Okay, yes. It was a bit weird seeing an Andorian put together gingerbread and masterfully fail at the production of their houses.

Although, it was all a matter of experience for the woman who found herself almost to the point of obsession with the culture of various planets. Perhaps it was the anthropologist in her, or maybe it was just the vast curosity she had somehow bestowed upon herself.. It didn’t much matter. Regardless of her own cultural background, she knew a good number of the occupants (whom she was aquainted with) were human, or celebrated winter holidays. What better way to embrace the diversity than with a gathering?

Determined to make this a good one, she sent out invitations to a fair number of people that resided on OED.

[ Dear OED resident,

You are hereby invited to a festive gathering at Ms. Isaria’s residence; this Saturday, at 5pm. Feel free to being food or drink, but you’re only required to have fun!

The address and other information will be attached below. We hope to see you soon!

  • Aaron Purr. ]


For a woman who never had a true sense of time, ‘late’ didn’t appear in her dictionary. Isaria was much too busy tending to her tenacious feline, who was playing hard to get, than to be worrying about when people would be arriving. Pausing beside the threshold of the doorway that led to her bedroom, she rolled her eyes, brushing a strand of long, curled hair from her face. That very feline, perched atop the duvet which covered the comforter within, held a bracelet within his jaws, seeming to glare at her from his lair.

“Mister, you are in for some trouble,” She muttered, stepping forwards, gauging just how jumpy Aaron would be. Noticing how he didn’t move, she crept forwards, eyes narrowed just like that of her feline companion’s. Making her way to the bed, the cat stared her down, the bracelet secure between his teeth. Reaching forwards, in effort to snatch the cat, he scampered off, quicker than her Andorian reflexes could catch.

Sighing, she heard the chime and realized she no longer had the time to spare, chasing the feline around the house like some kind of Andorian gone mad. Throwing her hands up, she let it go, figuring she would find the bracelet turn up under a mat or behind a pillow, one of the coming days. Straightening non-existent wrinkles, Isaria ordered the lights to dim, as she descended the stairs, back to the communal level of her Villa. Hoping she wasn’t leaving the guest in the conditions for too long, she hurried to the door. “Coming!” She called, in effort to reassure the guest they hadn’t been forgotten.

Reaching the door, she tugged it open, wearing the smile that would seem odd upon the face of any Andorian, if they hadn’t been Thavos. “Hello!” She stood before the door, making room for Halai to step through the threshold, “Sorry about the wait,” She hummed, a sheepishness settling over her, for a few brief seconds.


Halai smiled warmly as she stepped into the house. “Hello, Isaria. They didn’t know each other very well, but Halai was hoping to change that. After all, the colony’s cabinet worked closely together in one way or another. She offered the large rectangular dish to the Andorian, careful to make sure the cloth secured tightly over the top was still secure. “My contribution to the festivities. It’s a cake spiced with cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla with a pineapple coconut frosting. It’s a dish my grandmother makes for company because my grandfather loves cake,” she said with a grin.

~Halai Cosgrove, Head of S&T

Listening to Halai describe the dish, Isaria was already excited to see how it might taste. “You’ll have to thank your grandmother for the recipe, I’m sure it is delicious.” She grinned, stepping further into the home.

Gesturing for Halai to follow her through the small hallway, she paused briefly by a few coats. “Feel free to hang your coat on one of the racks,” She cocked her head towards one. “I’m going to go put this in the kitchen,” With a departing smile, she made her way from the hallway into the kitchen, which overlooked the dining and living room. Setting the cake down, she pulled back the cloth enough to allow some air in, and once satisfied with it, she returned to Halai.

Isaria Thavos

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