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Ugh, who by now had found a seat, looked at the assemblage. “Urg’tohn. Son of House Duroc. Faithful of Kvaar’ton. Chosen Herald of the Builder.” he said flatly, as if he expected everyone there to know exactly what all of the meant.

Urg, Son of House Duroc

Morak would have to talk to Urg’tohn at some time, find out more about House Duroc.

Recognition played across Halai’s tattooed face. “Ahh! You are a brother of K’vorth’s then,” she extrapolated. “It’s an honour to meet you, Urg, I am Halai Cosgrove, I’m the Head of Science and Terraforming.” She knew almost everyone else there- some more than others.

~Halai Cosgrove

As Morak had done earlier with Isariah, he nodded politely to Halai and waited for the introductions to begin.

Astrid figured after a moment that it was her turn next. “I am Astrid Rousseau and it was rightly assumed that I am the Head of Justice for OED V. I am Human and Betazoid.” Somehow doubt that would get her any kind of advantage here. She wasn’t the only person with telepathic abilities and many of the people here had naturally created shields that kept all but the surface thoughts from leaving their heads. Such was the nature of anyone in a position of authority unless they were completely unused to hiding anything, Klingons were always hiding themselves in a bravado version of themselves which amounted to the same thing. She smiled warmly at everyone. “Well, to those I don’t know, I greet you all with the highest respect, but I also am very wary of this kind of game. Does it concern anyone else the stakes?”

Rousseau, HotJ

Morak shrugged at he comment about the game. Games could be useful, if you use them properly, Judge Rousseau, he thought at her, no, he wasn’t partly telepathic, he had worked previously with telepathic beings however, and they had taught him how to project thoughts to them.

Smiling, Ekaterina tapped her cane against the ground. “Oh I’m sure that it won’t be worse than being stranded on a planet with only tribbles for company.” Pausing for a moment, it seemed as though she remembered something, “Oh yes, I’m Ekaterina Aremovich. I would give you my card but it seems as though I have none on my person at the moment.” Taking a flask from her shirt pocket, she took a swig, her cane hanging from her wrist. “I do odd jobs here and there, nothing to really start any conversations over.” On the surface, it seemed like her mind was a wide open door. However, with it came a laser sharp intensity. This woman shared all her her secrets save a few that were locked deep within her mind. To some that would make her quite the dangerous person, as she had nothing to hide, and may have felt like she had nothing to lose.

Ekaterina Artemorvich (Mercenary)

“Oh, Tribbles aren’t too bad, Ekaterina, particularly if you prepare them properly. Saute them in a thick and spicy sauce, then serve with vegetables to suit. They are all skin and bones, and so you need several of them to make a decent sized meal,” Morak said with a smile, “My wife is addicted to Klingon Master Butcher and she’s made a few of the recipes for us. I am Morak, once I was in Starfleet myself, as an Assistant Counselor on a ship. That’s when I met and adopted Dash following the deaths of his parents and twin brother. He was nine, had no family and on a massive Starship. So, I moved back to Quonos and raised him with my own son, Koram. I came to Oed V as Koram is getting married to his fiance and Dash is best man at the wedding. Dash couldn’t get to Quonos or Cardassian Prime for the wedding so we brought the wedding to him.” I apologise for this most alarming attire … does this Q have a sense of humour?”

  • Morak

Q suddenly reappeared almost…on cue. (Pun intended.) “And what’s wrong with a bit of a humor? Hmmm?” He looked about with a gleam in his eye.

“Nothing, the crew of the USS Might found me very amusing when I was there,” Morak replied.

“I bet you are all wondering why you are here. It’s quite simple really. A game is afoot, and you are the contestants. The more you know about your competitors, the more you’ll get to know about your competitors.”

Suddenly a padd appeared on the table for each individual person. “Here is where you will find all the rules. No doubt, Captain Conrad here has offered his own take on what is about to happen. And if he hasn’t yet, then I’ll let him share the rules once I leave.” Then, he leaned forward in almost a mockery of seriousness. “But beware, some of you have very interesting things to keep hidden from each other.” His mouth opened in mock shock as well.

Morak snorted at that.

Behind Conrad appeared a dark haired orion woman who said, “Some of you simply can’t bear the thought of telling certain people your secrets. It would destroy them.” She then disappeared.

Then a tall dark haired man, whom some might recognize as Dawson, the owner of Secret Securities on Oed, appeared behind Astrid in nothing more than a swimsuit. “Some of you may very well be in denial about such things,” he said in a voice that the judge would very well recognize. He too disappeared.

She had watched as a woman appeared behind Captain Conrad and disappeared. No doubt she was a fiction based on some sort of reality meant to torment Conrad. Before she could think on it too much, the entity known as Q decided to continue his masquerade. The voice that popped up behind her was familiar to her and she fully expected to see Dawson when she turned around, thinking that Q had brought him here, but as with Conrad, the fiction disappeared only to take up as someone else in another moment. It was all a game.

Then a bald headed deltan appeared behind Halai, also in similar attire as the rest of the contestants. “And still some won’t share due to nobody believing it to actually be the truth.” The man disappeared.

Halai briefly closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

Then a visage of Kvaar’ton appeared behind Urg. “Some are in the business of denying how you feel as well,” he said eyeing not only Urg and Morak, but the commissioner and as well. Before Urg could turn around though, he was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Well, well, well,” said Q witha raised eyebrow. “Seems like you all have a lot to share. Well, never mind me! I’ll let you to it, but don’t worry! I’ll be back to chime in when I can.” He gave a wink to the people present as he leaned back in his chair.

Morak winked back at Q.

“Let the games begin!” And with that…Q disappeared.

Conrad grumbled as he stood up, hoping nobody paid much attention to the orion woman who had no doubt appeared behind him. He knew her voice, he knew who it was.

He cleared his mind as his cleared his throat. “Every person will take a round to sit out and receive answers to the stated topic of the round on their padd from all of the other players. In each round, the person sitting out will receive no points, due to not being able to participate. That same person will recite the answers without giving away who said what. I will begin the game be an example.

“Everyone in turns will take guesses as to who said what. You get one guess. If you are correct, that person is out for the round, you get a point, and you continue until you get one wrong. When you get one wrong, play moves to the next person. Last person standing in a round gets 2 bonus points.”

He paused allowing rooms for questions.

“Does the person who gets one wrong suffer a penalty as a consequence?” Morak asked, “or do they get removed from the game?”

When none came he then stood back and sat on a blanket covered by an umbrella. Clearly it was the spot you sat out a round in.

“The topic is: Things you would recommend to everyone.” He then stood by and waited for their inevitable responses.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

Morak typed a response into a padd and sent it to Michael Conrad’s padd before looking down at what he was ‘wearing’, he sighed, what could possibly be more embarassing than this?

  • Morak

OOC: Ok everyone! The game has begun. Send me your responses either by email or discord. Once I have everyone’s replies, Conrad will recite them. And feel free to post in the thread while “waiting” for other players to submit. ;) Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :)


She watched as each person got the special treatment. Each obviously meant to rattle or expose some level of secret. She wondered how Dawson fit into hers even as a part of her thought she might understand.


Despite the unusual circumstances, Halai was quite eager to play along. There were just certain things that sparked her intrigue as a scientist and unusual situations where she had the opportunity to learn suit her just fine. Grabbing a fun looking cocktail from a passing server, Cosgrove sashayed over to a table and took a seat, crossing her legs and letting the sheer wrap half expose them. Glancing at Michael, she almost winked as she sent him her answer.

~Halai Cosgrove

Joseph’s annoyance with the situation was barely contained. He disliked something setting terms beyond his control and he disliked the Q continuum even more than the powerlessness that followed hanging around them. Yet now was not the time to rebel. He quickly read over the instructions, wrote down and sent his answer. He wanted to get home as soon as possible, preferably sooner.

Joseph Karlson

Writing down her answer, knowing better than to bother with some kind of revolt or boycott by ignoring the task, Thavos folded her arms over her chest.

Thavos couldn’t decide what aggravated her more: the pathetic situation with Q, or the lack of conversation between the selected which left the atmosphere dull and awkward. Hardly one to twiddle her thumbs while waiting for some omnipotent creature to continue his ploy, Isaria spoke up. “You know, sitting around like a bunch of Andorian adolescents, sulking in your irritation by this impish man, isn’t going to make this any better for any of us.” She observed, “Surely none of you want to twiddle your thumbs while some godly creature decides your fate, right?”

Isaria Thavos
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