Head of Education and Culture

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Head of Education and Culture
There is no Starfleet equivalent.

What all Civilian Leaders/Cabinet Members have in common:

  • They belong to the Government Cabinet, which consists of the Gov., Lt. Gov., Aide de Camp and all Civilian Leaders. The Aide de Camp and the Lt. Gov. also represent the Starfleet concerns. The Governor is their boss (at least in the current setting, where the Gov. is a Civilian Leader and the Lt. Gov is a Starfleet Officer).

  • They have an office in the Government tower and a number of administrational staff working for them in the Government Tower.

  • They get a rather luxurious private home (villa/penthouse/house… you choose) in the Residential District with state of the art security.

  • They have large premises on Oed to fulfill their jobs and a large workforce of a few hundred people (depending on the resort) to work for them. They are responsible for them and for the organizational structure within their department.

  • They get a contingent of personal bodyguards since they fulfill a very public role.

Now for the specifics:

The Head of Education and Culture spends most of his/her time in his/her office in the Government tower, together with his/her rather large administrational staff. His/her office is on the fifth floor from the top, next to the offices of the Head of Social Services and Employment.

He/she is responsible…

For all educational facilities on Oed and the personnel working in them, including:

  • Schools, such as the Rabbitus Memorial School and many others.
  • Universities or Trade Schools
  • All further educational facilities

For all Cultural facilities on Oed and the personnel working in them, including:

  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Tourist Information offices and Tourism on Oed
  • All further cultural facilities

The sufficient number of facilities and staff to satisfy the need of Oed’s citizens, their hiring and personal development and his/her department’s organizational structure

  • He/she is also responsible for the content of the Media publications on Oed, namely the work of the O.M.A.P Corp. Ltd. and their standards regarding educational and cultural topics. The news coverage is independent, but has to serve the purpose of the overall good for Oed. As such he/she regularly touches base with the CEO of the O.M.A.P Group.

  • He/she works together with the Head of Chamber of Commerce to maintain a healthy number of cultural facilities and establishments for the society of Oed.

  • They decide, for example, how many licenses to give out for establishments that serve a cultural aspect (like e.g. movie theaters) and which kind of establishments to attract to Oed and to subsidize. They also are in charge of tourism.

  • He/she works together with the Head of Social Services and Employment for the common goal to have as few unemployed people as possible, to further Oed’s society as a whole and make the Oed colony an even more attractive place to live.

  • He/she works together with the Head of Science and Terraforming, who is supplying facilities and human resources for educational purposes in the broad area of Science. The largest University for Sciences is located close to the Industrial District where the Science Institute and the Terraforming facilities of the Head of Science and Terraforming are situated.


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