Character Introduction: Morra's Residence

Posted May 20, 2019, 8:30 p.m. by Civilian Morra (Head of Science and Terraforming) (Miriam W)

The beginning of the day was always the best part of it. Morra could hear the happy squeals of Tama as she was chased around the living space or the eating chamber by Asu, and the crash that signified that Milo had once more knocked his bowl of oatmeal off his chair. Oatmeal was quite the fascinating invention. Oats soaked in hot milk. Not a sufficient meal for an adult, but good for a growing child.

Deep amber eyes blinked slowly as the one they belonged to stared quietly out the window and watched the slowly brightening sky. Morra stood from her desk, closing her notebook and sliding it into a drawer. Scaled feet padded across the floor, her long tail trailing behind and nearly touching the ground.

She slipped on her trousers, soft black fabric falling over the curves of her legs and accentuating a form alien to humans but natural to her. Soft over-shoes were attached to her feet - soles were not needed for her tough, scaled feet, but humans seemed to dislike bare feet, so she compromised. Morra licked her eyes briefly. It was a dry morning. She would have to talk to Asu about turning up the humidity in their house.

She slipped on a grey tunic, then added a vibrant orange cloak with golden trimming. It complimented her red scales wonderfully. Fully dressed, she headed down to the eating chamber to get some food.

“Good morning, Asu,” she murmured as she stepped in. The pale orange eyes of the Nanny glanced up as a smile lit upon Asu’s face. She had gotten Tama under control, it seemed and the child was happily munching on her morning meal. Asu stepped over to Morra, and the two pressed their foreheads together, smiling contentedly.

“Good morning, Morra,” Asu said with a smile, stepping away and picking up a cooked gourd from the middle of the table and splitting it with her sharp claws. The inside of the gourd tore like meat, and smelled somewhat similar. The two ate in silence, interrupted only by the babble of Milo and the occasional comment or complaint from young Tama.

All too soon, the meal was completed. “I will see you all after work,” Morra said with a soft smile. She turned to the two children. “Be good for your Nanny,” she spoke, eliciting a nod from Tama and a burp from Milo. She and Asu touched their fingers together briefly, then Morra left for the Industrial District.

Morra, Head of Science and Terraforming (HST)

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