Longstreet and the Daily Routine

Posted June 20, 2019, 9:28 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) (Sidney Parker)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Longstreet and the Daily Routine

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Longstreet and the Daily Routine

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Longstreet and the Daily Routine

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Longstreet and the Daily Routine

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Preston Longstreet (Chief of Security) in Longstreet and the Daily Routine
Preston began his day working out. Something he now did with less vigor than say even 10 years ago. He went for high rep and low impact workouts these days. He was more intent on keeping the waistline in check and staying somewhat tone than being stronger and faster than the next guy. After this he returned to his quarters, did all those monotone but necessary morning hygiene task, and dressed for work.

Today was a trip to the Starport where Xavier would also be. Not that he was intent on seeing his boss or being where his boss was. It was his rotational turn to be up there for a week and he had no issues with it. However Longstreet was and always would be that rare Starfleet officer. He was a ground lover. Raised on an asteroid and serving on planetary colonies had kept him…well grounded. He preferred real gravity or at the minimum assisted gravity. Not a ships or stations artificial system. This made him a rarity amongst officers who all wanted to blaze through the cosmos at warp speed. Not a physics expert by far he still reminded them when told this that they were, at given moment on a planet, blazing through the cosmos as well. It usually had little impact. For him it was fine.


He went to the Security Office first. It was always busy on the StarPort. Contraband located, fights in a bar in the lower decks where freighter crews gathered, varies customs violations that were turned over to his team etc....

He checked in and advised a young Lt jg that he was around. Looked over the roster and looked for anything that stood out. It’s when he picked up the detention roster he saw a name he recognized.

“Is this correct?” He asked the officer who managed the detention station.

“Yes Sir. Apolonia Desire Galezzi. A real gem that one. A hell of a looker but tricky and mean. Caught her with a smuggled crate of Romulan Ale and various non legal bio enhancement implants. Claimed they were something else. Forged docs the works.” He answered.

Longstreet wanted to smile but did not. This one he had dealt with before. He then did a few more things and headed to the Brig.


In the Brig was a leather clad Orion female. As intoxicating as most Orion women. However her features gave away she was not all Orion. She was indeed half human. Her color was not as deep green as most Orions and she had blue eyes. She was held behind the most secure force field cell. The ones for the bad actors. This one actually stung when pushed against. She had apparently pushed back on it already.

Longstreet walked up to the invisible field. The Orion looked at him as she stepped near and then smiled. Even half Orion was hard to resist. It was as if the pheromones were penetrating the forcefield.

“Preston my old love. Good to see you. Can you tell these idiots this is all a mistake. I mean I assume your somebody here with those pips.” She said purring like a cat.

“My old love?” He answered back. ” The last time we saw each other dear Apolonia I was half drunk on the Carpathian Asteroid range. On duty if I remember. I was drinking with you and only made it to half drunk because you hit me over my head, stole my combadge and stole a shuttle loaded down with stolen artifacts that you had just stolen from another who had just stole them from a docked freighter.”

“Oh that was just a mistake. For the record I did not hit you love. Never would. You passed out and hit your head.” she answered back with a big smile and a twinkle to her eye.



Longstreet smiled. You had to give her credit. Never admit guilt unless it somehow got you out of a jam in the moment.

“Apolonia that field is staying up and your trafficking in illegal bio-enhancement parts. I really would have thought you could do better than that.” He said to her amicably.

“Not that I am admitting anything but honestly its tough out there. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Not that I did by the way.” She said still smiling. “Come on. Really big bad SF has nothing else to do. On the list of bad things to do I would think this is pretty low.”

“Its not the act but the actor. Your rap sheet is longer than those nice legs. Any other arguments that might work?” Longstreet knew the charge was small fry compared to other things but she was wanted in half the quadrant. Lucky for her it was just not currently in the SF half.


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“Good ale?” She asked with a smile.

Longstreet was looking for a reason to release her. She was a thief and pirate but as they go not a bad one. In the sense she would not harm you in the process too badly. She was actually a damn good one.

“I’m surprised you got caught on such an easy run.” He said.

“Me too.” She answered with a gleam.

Now Longstreet saw it. Apolonia would never get caught on such an easy run. Unless she wanted to be caught.

“Ensign release this prisoner. I will take custody of her.” He ordered.

The Ensign hesitated but then complied. “Yes Sir.”

As she was let out she attempted to hug and kiss Longstreet who held her off. He knew it was just a way to get to him and sow problems and rumors. A typical stunt she liked to play.

“Get your lawful things.” He told her. ‘Oh and ensign scan everything you give back to her twice. There is most likely something we missed the first time.”

“Oh dear you still care.” She said playfully as she waited for her things.


Sure enough she had hidden a small device in the fold of her jacket uniform that had the ability to short out a small section of most medium energy forcefields. Luckily she did not have it on her in the cell.

She recovered her things and joined Longstreet as he walked toward the door.

“Tutuloo.” She called back to the officers and gave them a less than respectful salute.

Which caused Longstreet to grab her arm and yank her out the door.


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