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Joseph looked between the two Klingons, Urg’thon and Dan’tuk for a few moments as he pretended to weigh his options. As far as he was concerned he was just adding another Klingon vendetta in his portfolio, no big deal for him and in fact something that could be dealt with on the side. Gaining favour with a new house of mentally unstable Klingons however, was much too delightful to pass on “Go ahead, show me this proof so we finally settle this”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg didn’t require any further encouragement. Moving to the relic, he nodded curtly at the Curator and her assistant who, after looking at Karlson, moved and opened the case. The beginnings of a protest from K’letn was snuffed by a growl from Lord Dan’tuk. Urg looked at bot and smiled a wicked smile as the two curators opened the case.

The hammer was still mostly encased in the reddish mineral, identified as hardened blood by the curators. Grasping the handle, Urg grunted and then tugged once. The massive black weapon came free, bits of the red glass-like stuff falling to the bottom of the case. For several long moments, Urg simply stared at the object, his eyes on fire. Finally, he lifted the huge hammer and laid it on the table, its weight apparent by the crunching of several plates. Moving his hands slowly down the almost 5 foot long handle, they came to a stop at the pommel. The end was a large sphere of black metal with a single large spike protruding from it. Grasping the spike, Urg twisted and the piece began to unscrew. A moment later, the spike was free and Urg tilted it so the threaded end was pointing to his palm.

Out slid a D’k tahg, of a style and make not seen in a millennia. Grasping the dagger, Urg looked past it’s still shining and razor sharp blade to the Dan’tuk. “You knew, didn’t you?” he said, the question more of an accusation than anything. Dan’tuk didn’t respond, just clenched his fist and glared. K’letn looked from Urg to Dan’tuk, her eyes narrowing. “Knew what, my lord? What is the beast talking about?” Before she could be answered, Urg Stabbed the blade into the table, it’s point piercing the top and embedding itself in the furniture. He grasped the handle and, pulling while twisting, caused the handle to separate into two pieces. Inside, rolled up, was a piece of skin or hide. Urg glared at Dan’tuk, but said “There is your proof, Commissioner.” and gestured at the rolled up contents.

Moving to look at it, the Curator pulled gloves from her bag and gingerly picked up the skin. Unrolling it on the table, it was a large piece of hide, scales patterns embedded into it as if it came from some king of reptile. Written upon it was Klingon writing, obviously very old. The curator looked at it intently, a sense of urgency obvious in even her Vulcan features. “This… this is…” she said as she read and puzzled out the ancient text, “… this is the story of Kvaar’ton the Builder, Right Hand to Kahless the Unmerciful.” and she slid her fingers along as she read. “It says that Kvaar’ton was a great warrior and favored among his peers for his ferocity and spirit. He was a maker and wielder of the finest weapons, and the most trusted of Kahless’ generals. His body was marred by decades of endless fighting, his flesh corrupted by the spilled blood of the demons he faced.” and she read on in silence for a few long moments. “Here.” she said and pointed. “Kvaar’ton was on a campaign against an army of demons and he and his army had beat them back to their lair. The night before they were to go to the final battle Kvaar’ton was betrayed and fatally stabbed by the traitor Arg of House Juuv, who stabbed Kvaar’ton with a dagger made of his own broken horn. Duroc of House Klip was first to arrive at the scene, and witnessed Kvaar’ton crush the skull of the traitor with his bare hands.” and she paused and looked around the room. “There… there is more after that. But Commissioner… do you realize what this means?”

Urg’ton, Son of House Duroc, Honored Faithful of Kvaar’ton

OOC: The text of the history can be read here, penned by Kvaar’ton himself, may he have found glory in the next.

Joseph looked over the Curators shoulder, reading across the ancient Klingon with great interest, he didn’t really understand much of it, his grasp of Klingonese didn’t extend to ancient manuscript dating back to the times of Kahless “Well beyond how this adds to the general historical mythos of ancient Klingon history, how it practically destroys a single house and will have consequences across Klingon culture, this means I am owed five strips of latinum” He said looking back smiling at Pangolin who frowned at the outstretched hand, rummaged in his pocket and handed the Commissioner the gold covered currency. Joseph pocketed the strips and smiled at the Klingons in the room “So beyond the fact that these gentlemen have proven their entire quest to be legitimate and I’m certain that this little scroll will assist greatly with their efforts back on Qo’nos.” He turned to the leader of the Juuv deligation “Or am I mistaken?” He asked in an unusually smug manner.

Commissioner Karlson

K’letn’s eyes narrowed and she glared at Urg.. then the scroll… then the hammer and dagger… and then the Curator… and finally at Karlson. Her jaw clenched and her teeth ground together audibly as she spoke. “You are telling me that these -” and she waved a hand dismissively at Urg and K’vorth, “-beasts are actually telling the truth?! This dead god of theirs is REAL?”

The Curator took out a small tricorder and scanned the scroll for a few long moments. “The skin… the ink, which is actually some kind of blood… the dialect and grammar… the age of the scroll itself… it’s all age-accurate. As to the divinity of of the Builder? I have no evidence.”

K’letn looked at Karlson and said “Tell me. Right now. Do you, as a representative of the Oed V government and based on this so-called evidence, recognize the claim of the Followers of Kvaar’ton to the Name and Title of House Duroc?”, her voice a low growl. Oddly, both of her hands sat flat on the table, no longer in fists.

K’letn, House Juuv

Joseph looked between the two Juuv Klingon representatives “I do recognize that with this evidence, provided it is properly real, that these sons of Duroc do have a claim to their house. Anything else is an internal Klingon matter” He placed his hands on his hips and smiled slightly “More importantly, as a warrior I recognize them to be men of Honour that have earned the name and title. In risking life and limb and stopped a cowardly attack on my home” He said staring directly at the Klingon Lord.

Commissioner Karlson

Standing wordless throughout Urg’s revealing of the truth of Kvaar’ton, K’vorth now moved forward and strode between the seated Klingon’s without any show of caution. Notably, one hand rested on the hilt of his Kut’luch, unmoving at all throughout the revelations but as he stood beside them, more than one noticed the blood stained gauntlet he wore that rested on the hilt of the equally and obviously bloodstained dagger at his waist.

Reaching forward with his other hand, he pulled the D’k tahg embedded in the table free and held the blade up before his eyes, turning it left and right slightly by the shortened hilt that remained. Then, he turned and walked slowly around the table, finally coming to stand behind the right shoulder of Dan’tuk as he looked down at the Juuv and seemingly casually fingered the dagger of the Builder. “The lord Kvaar’ton, Right Hand of Khaless was murdered by the Juuv. You know this, as you know the ancient records we speak of that have been hidden on Qo’nos are also real. They will show the treachery of the Juuv, and our right to lay claim to what we are owed. This can be taken before the Council, of course. The word of Traitors against the word of the followers of Kvaar’ton. It can also be settled with blood, as it was started by the Juuv who murdered the Builder with this blade.”

K’vorth lowered the blade and held it before those on the table, dangerously close to Dan’tuk, then he leaned forwards slightly and his voice dangerously lowered, teeth bared and his single eye flashing wickedly. “I know which one I would prefer.”

K’vorth, Son of House Duroc, Honored Faithful of Kvaar’ton

K’letn sat in silence as the Commissioner and the eldest brother of Duroc spoke. She, too was looking at Lord Dan’tuk. As K’vorth spoke, everyone could see the old Klingon start to speak… but he instead lifted his head high and glared at the gathered parties. “I have been threatened, insulted, and made to look a fool. By who? These WORMS?” he practically bellowed at Karlson. “You choose the word of these COWARDS over that of a Lord of the Empire?!” and his hands curled into fists and he leaned forward to glare directly at Karlson. “I will bring the might of the High Council and all the fury of House Juuv upon your he-” and suddenly his body jerked slightly and his eye went wide, his mouth opening as if he was trying to speak… but no sound issued forth. A thin stream of pink spittle dribbled from his lower lip and he suddenly fell face forward onto the table.

Next to him, K’letn slowly pulled her blade from the now dead Lord’s side. Her face was a mask of rage and pain. “You will never speak that name again, liar.” she said, her voice quivering as if she were on the edge of exploding. She slowly placed the bloody blade on the table and her eyes flicked from Karlson to the two brothers to the scroll, back to the brothers and finally back to Karlson.

The moment the blade pierced the Klingon lord half a dozen weapons were drawn and aimed at the assassin only to be lowered immediately after by a hand wave from Joseph, he grimaced at the sight of the old mans death and looked over to his older brother who seemed to be frowning as well, although he was not looking at the woman but the blood leaking to the floor.

“In accordance with our laws, and as a duly designated envoy of the Klingon High Council, I submit myself to you for extradition to Q’onos. I ask that the relic and all… other artifacts… be sealed as evidence. If you have surveillance of this room, I ask that the recordings of the last hour be sent immediately to the Klingon High Council. I would also request affidavits of all those present.” and she then turned and looked at K’vorth and Urg’tohn.

The Commissioner nodded in a grave manner, tapped a few commands into the conference table and removed a single data crystal. Again he glanced towards his brother giving him the same expression as before.

“As Kahless the Unmerciful saw fit to recognize the Builder, and provided that all of this is not the product of some masterful ruse and the relics are proven genuine, I will recognize the name of Duroc. You will need that recognition. In exchange I ask for one thing, which I will speak to you about privately.” and she cast a glance at Karlson, “As this is an internal Klingon matter.” She then extended both arms to Karlson and said “I am ready to be taken into custody, Commissioner.”

K’letn, House…?

Again the younger Karlson stopped his officers with single motion as they moved forward to detain the Klingon. “A bold yet unadvisable move, you should have waited until you were in the presence of the High Council, there will be an inquiry here, an investigation into these events. Mostly a formality but a necessary one, despite the revelations here there are going to be questioned at high levels” He shrugged “In any case, You will be detained until these inquiries are over, at that time you will be handed over to Klingon authorities. I assume either to be promoted or executed.” He took a few steps closer to K’letn

K’letn grinned slightly, her sharpened teeth flashing. “That would indeed have been wise, Commissioner. Now, I suppose that there will be have to be an impartial and official inquiry from an non-affiliated government agency as part of the hearing in front of the Council.” and she mad a tsk-tsk sound with her tongue and looked at the floor. “Now how will those old sacks of hide on the Council ever be able to bury the truth again? Kahless be praised, I am certainly such a fool.”

He put his large hand over her outstretched arms and lowered them “You will be escorted civilly to a nearby detention facility, there won’t be any struggles. Your shipmates will be sent back to your ship. The Klingon formerly known as Lord Dan’tuk will be examined then transferred to your ship.” He moved to the side as two officers and Pangolins partner escorted K’letn outside “She will be made available to you two soon” He said to the brothers whilst looking at the corpse of the Klingon lord.

Meanwhile Johann Karlson had been quietly speaking into a com unit before joining his younger, larger brother “Well this is a right old mess, So do I bill you, Juuv, loony toons over here” He indicated to the brothers “or Madam Brutus?” He asked with a sardonic smile. Joseph rolled his eyes in responce.

Commissioner Karlson & Johann Karlson

Urg looked at the Karlson brothers. “Commissioner, my brothers and I would ask a favor. We would like the Oed V museum to do the authentication. Transferring these holy relics to Q’onos without that would be the surest sign of ineptitude on our part. While our quest to prove our right may have come to it’s conclusion, there is still much to be done to restore House Duroc. And we will need allies in doing so.” and Urg looked from Karlson to his brother and back. “We have proven ourselves as protectors of your community. We will keep that distinction going forward.” and his eyes flashed and a slightly malevolent grin spread across his face… not that he was being malevolent, but simply that is how he smiled. “One could do worse than having the assistance of a Klingon Nobel House at their disposal.” and he extended his arm to the Commissioner. “What say you? Allies?”

Urg’tohn, Son of House Duroc

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