CIO Arrival

Posted June 24, 2019, 7:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nicholas James (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Sam Pennington)

=/\=Shuttle Tyrdirium, you are cleared for landing. Landing bay 2, vector 301.7. Welcome to OED V.=/\= The small shuttlecraft approached gracefully. =/\=Copy control.=/\= replied the even-keeled voice of Nicholas James. As the shuttle approached, he turned off the auto-landing system and watched the shadow of the craft drift closer to the floor and to a smooth landing. A technique called ghosting he had learned some years earlier.

Heading to the back of the craft, another new transfer to OED, a very eager Ensign was already holding Nicholas’ limited possessions. One travel case and one silver, Starfleet issue briefcase. “Commander, I can carry your stuff to your quarters. Senior staff doesn’t need the burden.” Nicholas looked him up and down. I have to appear at least amicable. “Take the case. The briefcase, I’ll take. Official business.” The Ensign, clearly fresh out of the Academy, smiled and held out the silver case. Once it was in Nicholas’ hand, the young man sprinted off. Wants friends in high places I suppose. Who has the luxury of friends?

He followed the eager young man to his quarters, opened the door and let him in. “There you go sir. Much easier with a little help.” Nicholas nodded. “Indeed. Thank you, Ensign…” he waited for the Ensign’s name. “Carter. Ensign Steven Carter.” With a nod, Nicholas said “Dismissed Ensign.” With a sharp smile the kid said “Yes, Sir” and departed. The silver briefcase was placed neatly at the centre of the desk.

Nicholas unpacked his bag first, uniforms, civilian clothes, but no personal effects. Next he came to the briefcase, from which he pulled a picture frame, holding a generic looking family photo, a PaDD, and a stylus. One final item emerged. A small hand drill. He closed the briefcase, carried it to his closet, where he unscrewed one wall panel. He secured his silver case in the wall, hid the drill and returned to his desk.

After sitting down, he placed his thumb over his own photographed face. “Authorisation code: James Alpha Victor 9782.” When he lifted his hand, the family portrait took new shape. A small computer console. “Encoded transmission, channel 6, mirrored.” A face appeared on the screen, an Admiral. “Sir. I am successfully in place.” The Admiral nodded his approval. “And the asset?”
“Sighted en route to my quarters.”
“Remember. This is important. Make sure you’ve got him before you make the final move. Knight for checkmate.”
“Understood sir.”
“31 out.” The screen went blank. “Close console.” The console took shape of a picture frame again.

-Lt Cmdr Nicholas James, CIO

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